Relatables Oracle Reading From Tim E. Bush 4/1/14


Custom oracle deck card reading #2
Custom oracle deck card reading #2


Here is my second reading with my very own oracle card deck. This is still a prototype and these cards are already being changed. I have on order two more decks with updates from this version. If all goes as planned, I should have this card deck up for sale in a couple of weeks. I have had to push back release for a while now and I hope to get them ready soon. I know that I will be having an insert with instructions put into the box. I have yet to see my box so I don’t know yet what the finished product will look like. I am hoping for a May release at the latest.



From these cards, I am seeing that your family relationships are solid now. Maybe you have all come to some sort of agreement or understanding recently. This is your home life, the people who are a part of your day to day living at home. This can also mean that your love life might have seen some sort of a growth or you may have reached some new sort of understanding in this area of your life. Maybe you understand something new in terms of what it means to be in a romantic relationship with someone.

It looks like you may have a new friendship starting soon as well. Maybe you have also figured out some more of what it means to be a friend. With your new knowledge of what it means when you speak of friendship, you can go forward, knowing that you will know what to do in your relationships with your friends, or the people who make up your socializing. The essence of friendship, so to speak, may have taken on new meaning for you.

This reading is all about where you are now and what you are learning now in your life in terms of being a friend and what it means to have a solid, stable, family life at your home. Maybe you received a gift from a loved one or maybe things just seem to make more sense now in your home life. This is a good sign for your future and a good sign of where to focus on in your life. You know what you are doing and will be able to make forward progress in your day to day living and in your friendships and home life.

With new concepts and ideas, you can go forward happily, knowing you know what to do in all situations.


This is for entertainment purposes only. If it helps you, then I am glad to have helped. Take it with a grain of salt, but think about it.