Timebush Abstract Zazzle Pillow

Abstract Timebush Zazzle Pillow

Here is one of my Zazzle shop products that you can purchase by clicking on the photos here or on the link on the bottom of this post. This pillow is everything you would expect from a quality pillow as far as I am concerned. The filling is soft and fluffy — polyester from the feel of it. The covering has the printing on it and seems almost silky in texture. The quality of the print is quite exceptional. All the colors and the clarity of the image seems to be top notch. I am truly impressed by zazzle’s ability to print such high quality on this fabric. It seems like all that I ever wanted from the image on zazzle.com

Abstract Timebush Zazzle Pillow IMG_2588 IMG_2589

The size of the pillow seems a lot smaller than the photos. It is about half the height , but about the same width of any standard bed pillow. I had thought it would be a lot longer than the standard pillow size, but the printing and the softness of the pillow make up for that.

The printed image is actually on a pillow cover type thing that zippers on the side, so you can take the pillow out and replace it if you really have something you are particular to that is the same size. I think it comes off for ease of cleaning. I am not sure of the specific way to clean this, but I am guessing it is fairly simple. All in all, a great pillow that I hope to have around for a long time. We will see how it holds up over time, but the image seems to be pretty solidly in place and stays fairly clean even after a week or so of owning this.

Timebush Zazzle Pillow Timebush Zazzle Pillow Timebush Zazzle Pillow Abstract IMG_2598 Timebush Zazzle Pillow

Jubilee of Emotion- Pillow Abstract
Jubilee of Emotion- Pillow Abstract by timebush
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