My Life May 26 2014

This past week was tough for me – physically mostly. I have been so busy lately trying to make this house something of a work of art. Painting the walls has left little time for actually painting. I did manage to squeeze some in yesterday but maybe too little.

My mom has been having a tough time. We don’t really seem to talk much, being on opposite schedules. She sleeps most of the day. I need to get out more. I have been locked in of my own accord. Not really what I had in mind when I thought of my current age in the past. I thought, yeah, I’ll have a girlfriend, or wife; a job, success, money, all the good things ever made.

Little did I know I’d still be stuck with my mean old mom till my thirties. Next month is my birthday-here comes 32. This year I hope will be better. I tend to think that every year. A few years back, I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. Years earlier, I quit smoking other things. Maybe there is some truth to the bettering as years go by.

This year, I don’t think it will be about quitting things, but trying to incorporate more of living in there. I hope to get out more, see more of the world, be a part of what’s what. Maybe it is the so-called job that keeps me in. If I think of this blog as a job, does it count? I don’t know. I haven’t made a profit of it yet.

That gets me thinking. Why do I blog? Why do this to myself? I like it. I like communicating this way. I can think things through. I can add photos and videos. I can put what I want out there. I can be myself. I have created something, I  can show it, and the people who like it will hopefully see it. Someone will see it and I won’t have to go through the hassle of being “out there” in the “real world”. What’s it like out there? Maybe I will see more come 32. Maybe I won’t.

That’s the thing with life. You never know what will come next, unless you make it happen your way. I guess I have to figure out more what my way is. I have to figure out what I really want out there to go get it. I have to figure out what’s worth getting. Most of the time, I don’t like what is out there. Most of the time it is difficult. I guess it is the same way in here. Maybe it is my mean old mom.

Making things better in the house makes me want to make myself better. That is a good thing. A good thing about life- the more you make some things better, the better you want to make other things. I like that. Maybe living will make me a better person after all.

For next week, I think I want to take it easy. Maybe one or two comic strips. Maybe not. I want to finish a painting or two that I have started and post them. Maybe I will have another post like this one. I want to get a reading up here soon because I haven’t done that in a while. We will see.

Hang in there folks and try to enjoy the weather. It’s not like this all year.

Tim E. Bush