Working While Disabled

It has been brought to my attention that some people are seemingly trying to scam the government by working while being “disabled”. I am not sure what is happening in those instances, or cases, but for my own thoughts and ideas about it all I will say the following. Social Security WANTS disabled people to work so that they will not have to pay them EVENTUALLY. What I mean is that if you are making efforts to be a healed and working and healthy individual, then that is what disability wants you to be doing.

The process of healing takes time. It is not like you are at once ill and unhealthy and the next moment, healed and fixed. Just because a person may be able to get SOME work done or work a JOB here and there, does not mean that they are trying to get over on the government or to take money from “hardworking taxpayers”. If you can work and are on disability, that is a good thing, unless of course, you lied on your application.

A  person is not really checked into when they get disability and so there is really no one to be accountable to. You just have to keep going to doctors visits and keep living your life and trying to heal. There is no real way for anyone to come and see “are you better now”. That has never happened to me. I guess once, years ago, someone called saying they were a case worker and every so often, I may have to go in to get a diagnosis review here and there, but there is really NO ONE to check and see if a person is better. What is a person to do if they are not sure if they are totally healed when on disability?

With no one to be accountable to, you have to just work on working so that eventually you will no longer need the services of the taxpayers. Believe me, if I felt healthy enough to be called “perfectly healthy” or at least “mostly healthy” I would end the payments in some way, but it is not really clear how to do that. For now, for my situation, I am not 100% Possibly 70% with hills and valleys here and there. Some days I feel at less than 20%, which is not very good at all.

I have been making many efforts to heal and many efforts to get an income the way I want to, and feel like I am able to, but again as my previous post, it is a process and takes time to develop and grow from. The Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a weekend.


Thanks for reading,

Tim E. Bush