Positivity Cleanse Day 1- Something to hope for.

If I were to be an optimist, I would say things are working out great. If I were to be happy, I would say things are good. Generally, they are, though it may not always appear to be. It is one of those things about being human where we never seem to be able to fully grasp the underlying GOOD that is always there. Life events take us by surprise. Things happen that we would rather not have happen. Things affect us. Emotions go haywire. But there is always something there, wishing we would feel better. There is always something good in a day.

Though we may not at times feel that there is anything worth living for, there tends to always BE something to look forward to. It is one of the things about living in a sort of illusion of separation from the divine. What is this divine?, we often ask. If I were to be optimistic, I would say we all have a connection to this, though at times it feels there is nothing there. If you think deeply enough, I am willing to say that in your darkest hour, there has been hope, there has been something MORE that got you through. If you are standing here, or sitting here in this time and space, I am willing to say that you got through SOMEHOW.

What was this magic power that made you persevere. It was YOU. But there was something more there. Whatever it was you had to deal with- heartache, pain, grief, bullying, depression, fear, doubt- you made it here. You made it past it. Maybe you are going through something now. Maybe you are fearing, gearing up for something more. Maybe you are going through your toughest. I am here to say, things can get better. Things can change. They often do.

I would say that if you have faced things in the past that were difficult, you probably made it through. That is a good start. That is a good thing. To have faced something. To have gotten through. That is good. To move on to better things, you must know that things get better. You must know that things have gotten better at least for others. Take strength in knowing that others have gotten through things similar to what you are going through. Take strength in knowing you are just as human and strong as anyone you look up to.

Though things often times feel tragic, heartbreaking, awful- there is always MORE. There will always be a future SOMEHOW. This has been going on for a long while. Things often evolve. Things often improve. If you look at all the breakthroughs that have been possible in humanity’s existence, you will see that we humans tend to make things that help everyone. Though you may not agree, there are countless new techniques, inventions, ideas, understandings never before seen every day. That is something to take pride in. That is something to be happy about. That is something to get you through. It helps me. Keep going. Go through. Know there is more. You have God in you. We all do.

That is the end of day 1 of my positivity cleanse. I hope to have a new comic strip up tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

Tim E. Bush