Positivity Cleanse Day 2

I’m having trouble affording things and getting things done that have to be done. If I were to be positive about it, and try to think of the positive possibilities, I would say that things have a tendency of working themselves out. If I let it go and ask for assistance not only from the universe, but from others, oftentimes the help arrives.  If I were to be looking forward to the future without evidence, I would have to say that I can accomplish things I set my mind to. I have in the past and I will in the future.

Though sometimes things are uncertain, there have been many times that this was the case and certainty from somewhere else came to me. I know possibilities are endless and that the universe is always looking out for the highest good. If I have faith enough, I know that there is always a way when the will is there. There is always a way when it is sure enough in my mind, and the universe’s mind.

Goodness is what seems to always win out. Justice is always served in some way. If I trust enough, maybe I can get things to happen that need to be done. Though money is tight, there oftentimes comes unexpected resources. Though times are lean, there is always a time of riches to come even if it is not seen right away. These are things I have to think of more often.

I know that the best times I was able to create what I wanted, I have always been tuned in enough and relaxed enough that intuitive hunches came to me. I know it is easy enough to cultivate these tuned in times by meditating. I know that this helps. This is what I will focus on. I may not be sure all the time, but I don’t necessarily have to be to get things done. This is my state of mind that I need to work on. These are the choices I can make.

If I were to be positive now, I would say that I am strong, sure, and capable. If I were to be sure of myself, I would say I can create anything. If I were to be sure of myself, I would say “I got this”. “I can do this” is what will come out of my mouth. This is what I will focus on. This is what I will do.

That is all for day 2 of my positivity cleanse. More tomorrow. I pray you are all liking my latest comic strip that I just put up earlier today.

Tim E. Bush