Positivity Cleanse Days 3 + 4 of 60

Along with trying to imbue my thoughts and ideas with positivity, I am also attempting to make some positive action steps. Yesterday, I did some work on making this house a better place to live in. I rearranged my bedroom,  vacuumed, and put some flooring in, in the bathroom. I also started to put up a shelf in my ex-closet turned entertainment center.

Thought is one thing, but that is not all there is to this life. We are here in physical reality and so physical action steps in the right direction are necessary. I want a nice, clean, happy home so I need to take steps here in the physical to make it that way. Today, I will do some laundry and continue to straighten up and put this shelf in. All in a day’s work.

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive actions lead to a better life. A better life leads to being able to help more people. That is what I want to do with this work. I pray it helps people. I pray it reaches the people it needs to and I pray that people share it if they can. I do this for fun, but I also feel that there may be a few people out there who need to hear these “angel messages of light” that I make with my comic strips.

If I can make my work better by making my life better and inspire in any way, then my job is nearly done. That is more than half the battle. If I were to say I had a goal in mind, right now, it is just to be as positive and uplifting as I can in my life and in my work. I do hope you are all having a great day and I wish for your weekends to go as well as possible. I will be here tomorrow with some more positivity so stay tuned for that. I will also write my weekly update that I seem to be doing every weekend now.


Thanks for reading and viewing,


Tim E. Bush



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  1. Your practice is amazing….I believe de-cluttering your physical environment is a major step towards a clean life! 🙂


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