Positivity to Better-Tim Edwin Update

It was in attempting a positivity cleanser that I realized I was obsessing a bit over this blog. I was working too hard and trying to be and do too much. Doing the cleanse, I realized I needed some more fun and to cut myself some slack.

I took some time off and cut back my hours blogging here. I rested more, I mediated more. I came to some conclusions. I deserved better and so do all of you. I wasn’t giving my best foot forward here and I felt I had to correct my own thoughts, feelings, vibrations, essence, core, whatever you want to call it, and reevaluate.

I decided to focus on photography and art and to cut back on my rantings and writings. I think it makes it easier on me and I think the content will be much better that way.

I want to focus on positivity and a part of me knew that those comic strips were just stressing me out too much. I couldn’t stick to a regular schedule and crank out a strip on one topic over and over again. It’s just not in me.

I need to have fun with the work and it just wasn’t. I’m sorry for any bad vibes I may have put out there, especially to you sensitive beings who may read here. As strange as it sounds, abstracts stress me less, so I will stick with that for now.


I’m going to finish my comic book (graphic novel) as soon as I am able. I did manage to get a lot done on it over my break, adding about five-ten pages to the beginning so that there are about twenty pages inked and ready to be scanned.

I need a large format scanner/printer to be able to finish that and some other projects, so as soon as I get that tech, I will be able to continue. That is another reason I was stressing over the strips. I didn’t have the best tools.



My studio has gone through some changes here. As you may see, I have pulled up the cruddy carpet that was there and did some work to repair the hardwood underneath. It looks a lot better, though still in the crud zone.

I put a part of my old computer desk- which I had to shorten a bit by removing some parts- into the corner and rearranged the rest of the furniture. I also took an old desk out. Not that it matters really, but the room is looking better than it has in a long while- still more to go.



I planted a small garden in my back yard, nothing too fancy, but it was nice to do something nice out there. I used my newly acquired gardening skills from helping my father in his yard for my own house.

I am feeling better in many ways and in a lot of areas-still more to go. Self care is the game, and if I am going to be positive, I am going to ease up and have some fun instead of pushing so hard.

Catch you all later, and I hope you are having as good a day as possible.

Tim Edwin.

Check out my instagram for more photos @timmerman222 (my new phone is amazing! (First smartphone ever))

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    1. Thanks Cliff. I will continue with the graphic novel. I know I have not shown much of it, but it will get done. Just not as soon as I thought before. Thanks for commenting! It really helps to keep me going. 🙂

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