A Very Simple Divination Technique


A simple divination method that I’m sure someone else has thought of at some point came to me as I had pieces of sugru that had dried and were virtually useless laying about.

This is something that can be done by anyone with just about any material available.

Get four pieces each of three different colored items, all around the same size which can fit in your hand or a hat or some sort of jar.


Cut them to size if need be. You can try to paint them or make them look neat.


Put them all in your hand, close your eyes and pull three pieces out.

Blue means “yes”. Yellow means “no” and black means ” I don’t know. “

Three of one color means a definite yes, definite no, or definite “I don’t know”.

Two of one color signifies yes, no, or I don’t know. Three different colors means there’s no way to tell yet.

It’s fun and simple. Almost like a pendulum or “magic eight ball”.


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