Oracle Deck Progress by Artist Tim Edwin B.


I’ve been doing some of my own journaling with my very own card deck. It really is a fun thing to try and the more I do it, the more I appreciate this card deck I made. I am still getting used to it a bit, but in terms of self development, this card deck really seems to help me. Of course, you probably know where to get it by now.


The next card deck I plan to work on in the coming weeks is the one above and it is one that I have actually been working on for a very long while even before knowing that it would turn into a deck of cards. I guess I always did have some sort of an inkling, but once I realized I had all those paintings done and that my focus was going to be cards for a while, I decided to put them all together into one set. It was always my intention to have them all together, perhaps in a gallery, but this works.

I have to make the box and the booklet for this one. I think all of the paintings are already done. I also have to edit just about every card in the deck for consistency.


I did some more work on my tarot deck (below), but not much. I ordered some new watercolor paints so hopefully I will gain some more steam (enthusiasm) in the project. I am trying to use bottled water for the water I paint with.


Behind the scenes, I like to work on the abstracts from time to time. It is nice to have something different to focus on for a while.


Here is an unfinished sketch that has changed since photographing. It is a lot of fun to make art and having several projects going makes it more engaging. It is nice to have a break from time to time too.

I will probably take a few days off just to garden and relax and maybe run an errand or two.

My friend from YouTube should be coming up with a post soon about her very own Oracle deck and intuitive services. If you are interested in being featured here as well, please send an email to timbush222 at Gmail dot com.

Stay tuned for more as I figure out what to post next.

Tim Edwin B.

On instagram @ timmerman222 and tumblr @ timebushdesigns