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Ashley Snow Headshot 1Ashley Snow is a great intuitive healer and card reader. I first saw her on youtube a few years ago and have been a fan since. Her readings are spot on and accurate and her cards are very well thought out too. I own two of her card decks and while I may not use them every day, they have come in handy when I do use them. She is coming out with a new card deck and I asked her to write about them here.

– Tim Edwin B.

Ashley will take over now.

This oracle card deck started from an idea that was years in the making. In 2011, I had the idea of making an “inverse” deck that had an image that could be seen from any angle of the card, no matter which way it was pulled, but each angle offered a different meaning. While working with my graphic designer, she just couldn’t figure out a way to make it happen that made my heart feel full, and so we picked a top and bottom design feature that was displayed in my oracle card deck, The JoyFlow. It worked perfectly for that deck, but I still knew that something was coming down the road that would allow for me to create the kaleidoscope feeling of the “all angles” desire I had.

While pregnant with my second daughter, I was put on bed rest and spent many of my days going through my crystals, creating cards that went with each crystal so I could remember their meanings and chakras. It was a good time burner, but it also set something on fire within my soul. I loved working with these little beings (and yes, they are each their own little beings of energy, personality, and energy).  Blog for Tim2

So I created a healing grid and felt the power that it had on me. I used the power of Mother Earth to ground the grid, and the lightness of the heavens to infuse it with Divine energy and there was a perfect balance. It was as though I was healing the

crystals, and they acted as a mirror, sending healing back to me and all those who viewed it. It was beautiful, peaceful, and powerful. It lit up before me and I knew that I had found a way to branch out into something new, unexpected, and unparalleled.Blog for Tim2a

I grabbed my camera, took a few photographs and uploaded them onto my computer and into my photo software programing. In less than 1 minute, I had a mandala in front of me. An image that had a central point, that spiraled out symmetrically, reach passed the card and into my body. I had found it; a way to reach others from all angles of life, in need of many different types of healing.Blog for Tim4aemt

That day, I created over 20 grids and wanted to keep going. The energy was flowing through me fast, yet I felt like I was moving in slow motion as this Universal force flowed through my hands. I knew there would be 40 grids to begin with, and more would come at the right time, so when 40 grids had stirred through my hands, I sat back. I looked. I felt. I observed. I breathed in the peace that came from each image and I knew that I had to begin spreading guidance in this way, as supported through the healing and powerful energy of the crystal grid and intuitive mandala.

Each card knew what it wanted to say, so I simply sat and listened. Adding a border to the image was time consuming as it had to be in perfect [r]atio to my printing company’s standards, but the colors were picked to match the mandala’s vibrancy and the words laid themselves down just like they were meant to be there from the start.

I knew I had to be on the right path because I was combining everything that I loved and was good at. Working with Crystals, sending healing, photography, creativity, and helping others. This deck was the pinnacle of where I needed to be and it came at the Divine time, as all things do. It even spoke to me, explaining how it can be used [for] not only guidance readings, but for meditation and healing.

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How to Use The Intuitive Mandala for Healing and Meditation:

For the card on the left, since it has a lot of variations within its mandala, it is best used as a healing card, as the busy-ness of it makes it hard to focus on for meditation. To use this card for healing, one would simply breathe in the image to the root chakra, then exhale. Then breathe the image, or even hold it against the sacral chakra, then exhale. This continues through all chakras.

The card on the right is a great meditation card as all stones are visible and can be seen with clarity. Starting at the top right corner, selecting a word or mantra, breathe in and inhale. Then move to the next stone around the outside circle, breathe in and exhale. One would do this on the outside circle first, then move inwards until having reached the center stone. A great mantra for this card would be “release.”

Will this be the only crystal mandala deck from me? Certainly not. I already have begun brainstorming for the next themes and I am waiting for the flow of the Universe to take me and guide me as to when to begin, but I know that until then, all those who have the ability to hold these cards in their hands (or use the smart phone app which will be coming soon), will feel the strength and beauty that I do.

Purchasing Information:

The Intuitive Crystal Mandala will be available for purchase on October 15th, 2014. Ashley Snow is hosting a fundraiser to help support the cost of the printing of the oracle decks, 6”x9” guidebook, and a mini deck of Crystal Affirmation cards. To join the fundraiser, visit her webpage at and see what PRIZES are available for your donation level.

CUSTOM MANDALAS- Interested in a customized mandala, specific to your energy and healing needs? For a limited time only, they are available for only $35. Please visit to purchase your mandala before they return to their full price of $65 per mandala.

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Disclaimer: I, Ashley, from AEMT Intuitive Healing, am not a medical professional. Healing sessions and intuitive readings should not be used as a replacement for professional or medical services. Healing sessions and intuitive readings are a great complimentary service to formal treatment and can provide great success to clients in their healing endeavors.

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