Weekend reading and Art update


I have been making progress, slow and steady progress, on my graphic novel. Here is the cover art for the first “chapter’. Whether I release it as just one and only one chapter or if I go ahead and make more chapters I am unsure because I have ideas for about three totally different short books.

I happened upon two feathers yesterday. One whilst on a walk and one whilst taking my dog out. This one below is from the yard. The feather is on a spider web and this is sometimes how I feel. Beat up, but still a feather, trapped and stuck.



Luckily there are some sweet things in life that can make up for the tough stuff. Here above is a nice apple dumpling from a local bakery. It was delicious but left me wanting for my grandmother’s version.


For inktober, a monthly challenge to make ink drawings, I did some sketches in my sketchbook. I hope to have something done in ink here, at least once a week for the month.



For this weekend’s reading, I pulled some cards from my “Everyday Healing Oracle

Seems like this weekend, especially, we should all rest and take a break to take in the beauty of unknowns in our lives. Seems like there is something there waiting to come out if we all just rest and take it all in. Feels like things are ending, especially troubles.

Sometimes even something negative leaving can take its toll as our whole way of life can change and ego jumps in and says “change is no good.” It can be good, but we need a break to take it all in. If you vacation during the summer, you might like to take one final one before the end of October just to settle things in your mind.

Things will pick up after October as the mercury retrograde ends, we just have to push through and rest for now. If you don’t know what mercury retrograde is, it is when the planet out there in space moves a certain way and is in a certain position relative to earth, which affects communication and activities and energy levels here on earth.

It seems crazy kooky, but I do notice a difference during these times ever since I started to pay attention to it. I think it happens 3 times a year. I don’t know much more than that.

Take it easy for a while and don’t pressure yourself to live up to expectations, either yours or others and things will be fine. Sometimes, things slowing down is for our good.

Rest easy,

Tim E. Bush