What it means to Ink in a Modern Age

Faces for Inktober





More ink sketches for inktober. #inktober is a thing like nanowrimo or napowrimo  where artists make ink drawings or sketches every day or once a week for the whole month of October. Think of it as a challenge like dumping ice on your head, only you draw in ink. Every day. For a month.

I thought it would be fun to try and since I have been working on my comic book for some while, I  am already in “ink mode.” I like using ink and any bit of practice helps give new ideas and new directions and helps me practice practice practice practice. Yes four practices, because that is most important in an artist’s life. Always practice.

I did a series a few years ago where I would make semi cartoonish drawings only all penciled and rendered out. I wanted to “revolutionize” people’s perspectives on what cartoons were. Ah the desires of the young artist! I found out, it is better to ink as it looks better, is easier in a lot of ways and cuts out a lot of time rendering. I guess the whole adage “what works, works; don’t fix it” is most appropriate.

Inking takes practice and a certain amount of “guts” to get good at. Ink is so final, so permanent and one wrong move can spell disaster.

That is why in my finished comic book pages,I am editing via technology. Scan and draw, fix, delete, etc. Traditional fixes have been the age old “white out” method, and not just any “white out” that you can get at any convenience store, but white-out that comes in a jar and gets painted on.

I tried and used some of this stuff and it does make it a bit easier come scanning time, but it is a bit more fun to use computers. I can compute it up and change it around any old way I want. If it spells disaster, there is always  that magic technological breakthrough “undo.” 

Press a few buttons or even one customized “special” button and your mistake goes away. Better yet I can do it completely on the computer and forego any sort of semblance of “reality” or physical actuality.

Using ink is so “traditional” but there is that tactile feel of it, the magic of making something permanent and lasting in a few strokes; even if just for practice, that just feels good. It feels like an accomplishment. It feels like I’ve done something. It’s fun.

Anyhow, enjoy “inktober” any way you can even if it means viewing other artist’s work. I won’t tell anyone you looked away from my meager lonely blog.

Thanks for following along and I look forward to releasing “Chapter One: On Who We Are” of my traditional/technological comic book ‘Angel Messages of Light’ next month. Maybe there will be more chapters if people like it. After that, I should get to work on my ‘Abstracted Oracle’ that has been delayed. 

All in a days work for now.

Thanks for viewing.

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