The Normalcy of The Odd – Angels as Counter Culture



Another round of ink sketches from my top secret diary of sketches. Or is that my sketch book? Either way, these were fun to make and I do adore them.

As strange as they may seem, they are a part of my subconscious. That is to say, my strange, secret subconscious that hides away any trace of normalcy.

It is weird to think of my Angel project as something the same person that made these derisive works, me, also made. It is what I thought someone who had such a strong interest in the supposed “normality” of angels would never do.

I like to tell myself that angels and the subculture of Angel speakers and intuitives are the new renegade cult movement that builds societies from the inside out. No, we may not be as derisive as R. Crumb and other such underground comic artists but we are quote, “different” than the norm.

Most people would not admit to hearing voices or realistically being able to hear, see, or interpret spirit, but those like me may. I suppose heaven speak is not necessarily “mainstream”, but Hay House for me seems to prove the power of this sort of movement.

Secretly, I am as derisive and strange as they come, but everyone must know that by now. My work had never been mainstream, or at least that is what I tell myself. I’ve always sort of been on the outskirts of society in a way.

When I was a teenager, the stranger the better, was my motto. David Lynch was my favorite director. “Eraserhead” my favorite movie. There was “Hellraiser” and other such horrific horror filled nonsense that was hugely popular for some reason.

Society seems to relish in the bizarre. So some of that is still in me. Some of that absurdity is still real to me. I know better now. I know things are not so meek and fear filled, but the fear is still there. The fear still says, “bad is everywhere.” But that is not the case. News and “the mainstream” tell non-stop of horror after horror. Isis after Taliban all the bad that is here. With that focus,I guess fear is the norm.

I want to say butterflies still fly the same way. Change still happens. And love is still there. The new “counter-culture” is light filled and loving. The new “cool” is positivity.

David Lynch and R. Crumb, two of my past heroes may have freaked everyone out, but now everyone is freaking everyone out. Passivity and caring are what’s next, what’s new.

This “new age” is strange and weird just as much unique and different as the “strangeness” some artists try to cultivate. That used to be the name of the game- be as weird and different as possible to stand out and be cool; but that never worked really. Become a star for being weird and notice the pain you caused, not only for yourself. That whole way of life for me holds little water. But the memories and the beliefs are still there, waiting to be healed. That’s what art truly should be about. A healing communion with the divine.

I guess the “weird” had to get out and heal too. We are all weird in some way after all. To the Amish, normal is strange. To the normal, perhaps the other way around.




But maybe I am being too hard on myself. I guess accepting my strangeness as a part of a normal person is a good thing. Maybe angels fit with the absurd after all. Maybe the absurd is normal for a reason. Maybe we all love strangeness.

That may be the best way to heal any sort of malady-with love for the odd. Illness is an oddity after all. I would posit to say, the majority of people are able to at least feel okay and able most of their waking hours. Maybe that is just an oddity. I could be wrong. Nothing is as it seems it seems.

Thanks for reading,