Abstract Ink Drawing-Thoughts on Blogging


My latest ink drawing for inktober.

While #inktober or any of the other challenges out there are great, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds to produce work on a daily basis. Things happen, circumstances pull me away or I  may have other things to attend to.

I try my best to get something that at least haphazardly fits in with the description of these challenges. For napowrimo, (national poetry writing month) or just the usual daily blog post, and of course this #inktober, I tend to get only a fraction of what I would like out there.

There comes a point where I just get overwhelmed with the demands of routine or the pressure to perform or the other things in life to attend to. Not to mention the fact that I have some major time commitment issues along with a treasure trove of ideas and projects to work on and bang out. I tend to want to think big and go extreme but not be able to go the full distance. That on top of a stress-filled illness and difficulties socially and I end up with something that is just good enough or that falls short in the grander view.

I feel bad that just about every post on this blog ends up with some typo or missing link that gets emailed out there to the over one thousand people who are signed up to get notices of my posts. I try to bring a spot on performance and tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, but I am human and do make mistakes. Usually, I catch the majority of my typos or what have you and update them, fix them, or change them, but I am sure there are grammar and spelling errors out the wazoo. Whatever that is.


I’m doing my best and I hope you like what I do.


Tim Edwin B.