New Blog Just for Comics

I have started a new blog just for my new age comics. The new blog is at
I did this because the work is just so vastly different from my abstract art style and I believe most followers of this blog are more interested in my abstracts and poetry anyway. This will keep a consistent voice and message on both blogs and will be a way to stay up to date on one topic or the other depending on your preference.

I did try to do something like this before, a couple of times, but now, it will stand as separate sites. I went through the trials of “coming out” about my new age interests and so had conflicting ideas and thoughts within me. I now realize that everyone knows I like angels; and I still like my “older” interests. So it seems to keep reading and continuity consistent it will be best to have a separate site.

The blog here that you have been following along with will focus on my abstracts, writing, poetry, and certain oracles. I may post a reading here and there but it will mostly be about the art and writing that I started with.

Thanks, and be sure to click “follow” on the new blog in order to keep up to date with my “new age” comics.