Ignore the Quiet- Lonely

Someone comes to take a stand
Fortune comes to those at hand
What the future holds- your hand
Pray about your fortune now

Blissful times praying loud
Sometimes caution plays a band
Careful discreet yet over-hand
Beat the streets walk around
Take a stand for fallen crowd
People respect you when you’re tough
Sometimes loving- not enough

Sometimes people disrespect
Lonely awful reject
Alone at once leave command
Take away your own command
Take away your own demands
What is left

Lonely awful reject
Ignored the one way awful crowd
People stare-look around
What’s the difference?
What’s alone?
Guess I’m only one

But somewhere there has to be
Lonely reject
Like me
Guess ignore them
Won’t we?
Station in your sovereignty
People love you

Million people
Here’s one of us
Let’s be.

Tim Edwin B.