A Note On The Future Of This Blog

Just to be clear with everyone here, all of my comic strip/book work will be on my new blog, http://www.messagesofLightcomics.com

Anyone here who loves, likes, or sort of tolerates my comic work, that is where you will get it. For now, I will be posting repeats of my past comic strips for a while with pages of the “Angel Messages of Light” graphic novel in between on my other blog.

I am doing this to keep things consistent and more easily readable from topic to topic. I don’t want to confuse anyone with one subject one day and another topic another day, so for consistency’s sake, the comics, ALL of the comics, will be on http://www.messagesofLightcomics.com

I have plans on working on other topics of comic books in the new age category. I may also continue the comic strip series there. Until the end of the year or Christmas, I will still be working on the graphic novel book which will go for sale on Amazon.com. If all goes as planned, the first chapter will be up and ready on Christmas day here in America (December 25th).

As for this site- http://www.timebush.com – and tumblr, I will be posting my poetry, thoughts, abstracts, and Oracle deck work.

This seems like a lot of work right now, so I am unsure how all of this will play out. For now, I will be taking my time with the comics to find out if I can emotionally, vibrationally, mentally and logistically continue that work. Either way, I will be posting something somewhere. 

I have an illness which causes stress and confusion and all sorts of other things, so whatever I am healthy enough to do, I will do.

In the meantime, donations to my PayPal account at timbush222 at Gmail dot com will be greatly appreciated. I do a lot of work here that I am not getting paid for, so every bit helps a lot. If you really feel like helping, please purchase some of my Oracle decks or zazzle products.

Tim Edwin B.