Throwback Abstract Art- Zazzle is Where It’s At.

Ultra Swirls

Knotted flowersmall

Here are some old paintings that I have not posted in a while. You can see them on one of the pages here on… My abstract style has been put to the side for a while due to my angel projects and other card decks that are more “realistic.” I seem to have way too many projects to get through and work on and finish. With my crazy brain, it is tough to focus and redirect focus for very long. I go from one to the next. Maybe ADHD or some sort of aspect similar to that is to blame.. There seems to be a mental illness for just about everything nowadays. I just like to think of it as “extra creativity.” Being unsettled sometimes seems the outcome of our times here on earth right now. There are just way too many distractions for me.

Anyhow, these images can actually be bought from in my zazzle store. They are on all sorts of products. Mostly mugs and posters I believe. It has been a while since I really went deep into the whole zazzle shop deal. I haven’t really sold that many things on there over the years, but I like to put the stuff up there because it is neat for me just to see the images on things that can be bought. Imagine creating something that you love to do and infusing every detail with fun and energy and bringing it up as someone brings a child up from idea to concept to execution and then putting that slam bang on a product you can actually buy and use. That is what putting these things up on zazzle is like for me. I love it.

I would hope to get some more work done for zazzle, but sales have been lenient in the past, though recently, things have been making their way to people’s doors. Slowly. Either way, I think it would be cool if people out there in cyber web land would purchase some of these amazingly awesome products and photograph them for the blog. I will definitely post any image of my work in your possession selfie style… So think about that- your face and picture right up here on your favorite (ahem, maybe not favorite) artist’s blog for other people just like you to see and share and view.

C’mon folks, these things are the coolest things things you could ever want to own and have. I put lots of positive and creative energy into these things.

And BTW, the oracle card deck featuring some of these paintings should be available in the coming month or two as well.

thefateofyourdestinysmall.jpg Jubilee-of-emotionsmall