Reading for 10/26/14



This week has us staying indoors more than usual. Whether it is a change in the weather or change in routine, we are more often in our houses than we are used to.

I feel like it is a good time to clean up and rearrange furniture. Some sort of activity in the home has to be done to make it more hospitable for you while you are there.

Maybe an injury or illness keeps you in or maybe your son or daughter needs care for a while.

There seems to be a lot of physical activity in the home, so if you lift weights or do cardio, now is the time for that. You want to stay trim for the coming season not only to feel better but to strengthen you for the coming months.

Seems like a job interview may come up maybe one you can do while home.

There is also the feeling that you stay in the home too much to the point of being an addiction of sorts. You like to whittle away the hours at home rather than doing the important things you know have to be done. It feels like cleaning up the home will make getting out way more enjoyable. If you have a clean home, your brain feels better and you feel better too.

I also feel arts and crafts coming up for you, maybe for a school project for one of your kids. Maybe you are a school teacher or work with children in some way and your kids may feel better with an arts and craft project, either way, there is some indoor activity that is calling to you.

Take the time to step away from the computer and go analog for a while and connect to the people in your life.

That’s it for the day. Stay tuned for more readings.

Tim Edwin B.

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