The Stages of Coffee-Can I Quit? Caffeine Free For The Angels




I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur. I love freshly ground coffee from my burr grinder. Hot steam from the drip brewer, or the French press, or the coffee machine makes me excited. I brew this drink daily. Every morning and just about every afternoon. I like the ‘big cup’ as I call it. A 20 oz. coffee mug that I got from with my own artwork on it.

I also follow Doreen Virtue and cultivate my clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience (different forms of psychic skills). She mentions numerous times in her videos, radio shows, and books the need to stop drinking caffeinated beverages in order to enhance Angel communication. According to her, angels wish for us to be free of any sort of chemical stimulant (paraphrased) or additives.

It seems she is correct as I have been getting messages from the angels- after a couple years of cultivating communication with them- to stop drinking coffee, or to at least cut back.

Now, I would normally fight tooth and nail, and tips of fingers to be able to keep drinking my daily dose of extra energy, but I have been coming to one realization after another that coffee and intuition do not really go together. Coffee makes me anxious, nervous and jittery now.

Maybe it always has, but I was blissful in my ignorance. I wanted the wake-me-up goodness that came with java jolt one and two and sometimes three. It was “fun”. I was able to get things done. I could join the crowd of those “in the know.” You know, those people with finely tuned coffee taste buds in their blood and soul.

Coffee is sold everywhere. From the corner store, to the diner down the road, to the vendor on the street. Even fine establishments where the rich go, there are exquisite expensive machines for every variety of Coffee coffee coffee. Starbucks is just about everywhere you go, from the pit stop on the road to the Target store in the mall.

I mean, what is one to do without coffee?

I guess when I get intuitive his that this stuff is just not helping, I get a bit upset. My whole way of life has to change yet again. I gave up cigarettes. I gave up arguing so much. I gave up a majority of television and news stories. I stopped hanging around negative vibes. I did a LOT of changing. And changing EVERYTHING that I had known. I tried eating vegetarian and failed. I gave up a lot of soda and sugary drinks, but coffee? What’s the world coming to?

I guess it is not that big of a deal. It’s ‘just a drink’ right? Just a heavenly- awesome, fill-me-up, give-me-energy, pick-me-up kind of drink that tastes better and comes in a bigger variety of juxtapositions than any other drink out there.

But everyday, the side effects, the crash, the anxiety are getting more and more in the way and I am realizing bit by bit that “this drink just ain’t worth it.” If I want to communicate with heaven and the angels, I need to “cut this stuff out.”

I hear more and more in my head that “in order to be a clear channel, you have to be clear of any distractions or chemicals.” I guess there is something to Doreen’s advice after all. She is the foremost expert on all things angels after all.

Long story short, I am quitting coffee by means of weaning bit by bit. One less cup a day or one smaller cup or only one cup. Replacement? Teas. Caffeine free teas. Detox teas. Water. Small things. All in the effort of clearer connection with heaven, and it is getting clearer. For real.

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