Atlantean Art and Guided Meditations

I have been meditating every night for about four hours or more for a while now. It helps tremendously with my mental health and my spiritual health. I make contact with my guides and with heaven. I get ideas for new projects and insights into the ones I have already started. My life feels better to me and I feel like I clear about twenty pounds out of garbage and filth from my life every night. Usually much more.

I joined spotify a while ago just to hear music. It was on a whim that I searched for meditations and a whole world opened up to me. All the blocks I had previously (mostly financial) cleared when I realized I could easily hear hundreds of meditations for free. I could experiment and try one type then another and go from angels to spirit guides to all kinds of things AND I could hear just about every CD I ever owned or could think of.

A tool for music and tunes  became one for enlightenment and peace. Of course, there are other services out there, but the idea of being able to easily hear guided meditations from a long list of angel communicators and spirit folk for free was too much to ignore.

My favorites are Diana Cooper, and Glenn and Jill Harrison. Glenn and Jill Harrison are husband and wife, I  believe, and there are likely about a hundred or more guided meditations by them. You can go from one archangel to the next or from one ascended master to the next and skip on over to Diana Cooper and her Atlantis meditations. One of Diana’s Atlantis meditations even mentions a time where people in the golden age of Atlantis would make abstract paintings in order to tune in spiritually.

That made me think a lot when I heard that. A whole race of people- spiritually minded people- who created abstract art to heal and grow and bring love. I wish I could teleport back in time to that place. Sort of a confirmation for me because the abstract art I had been making felt to be a spiritual tool of sorts. When I make an abstract, I go into meditation and can feel better about myself and life. When I was stressed out about an argument or the state of the world-abstract. When the solar flares flared up my feelings-abstract. When there was a shooting or bombing in the news-abstract.

Who would’ve known the very thing that made me feel better here, actually made Atlanteans feel better- that is, if Atlantis even existed. It felt good to hear that and it feels good to meditate and escape with a new tool-guided meditations

I am not advertising for spotify nor was I asked to post this. I just think it is a great thing to be able to do.

And stay tuned for my abstract art Oracle deck -“Abstracted Divination”