Reading for November 12-14, 2014


Here is the reading for the day. I hope to have one up for the weekend and next week. I am still not the most experienced card reader, but I’m getting better, I think.

I get the sense you may be having sleepless nights in a way. Maybe your sleeping patterns are disrupted, or you’re not getting enough sleep. I feel it may be due to a woman or motherly figure. Almost like she is giving something away that you can’t have or they are a person you can’t get. Like this womanly figure is withholding more than even she wants to. Definitely a mother figure of some sort. She has gifts of love for you, she just doesn’t know how to share it. I also feel like you, yourself are possibly not giving as much as you want to. Like your sleepless nights are due in part to the same issues as this womanly figure.

I also get that it is a wife/girlfriend energy that is giving some of you troubles, so replace motherly with wife if that is you. It is holiday season coming up and I know at least some of you may be having issues feeling like you are a giving person or with gift giving in general.  Black Friday is coming soon to the U.S.and so these thoughts of not giving enough or not being able to live up to expectations are on a lot of our minds now.

I get the sense that it all comes around this holiday season. You all complete so many lessons and issues this year that it is making itself known now so what you are dealing with now will continue into Christmas and the end of the year. Almost like this year’s end will knock your socks off with finality of issues. And I get issues really strongly because they are not really what you think they are in the grand scheme of things. Issues are just issues to be dealt with the light so think of all your problems as just a way to get to where you want to be. Not all encompassing or unbearable-your problems are just like a chess game; no something simpler, like a puzzle you just put together and figure out easily.

So, this year’s end will have you all wrapped up in a bow so to speak. I’m really getting this energy of completion coming up. Like you just want it all to be done, whatever is bothering you, and I hear, yes it will all be figured out by year’s end, but you really have to stop worrying about this abundance issue. God provides for all. Creator provides for all even you when it seems like nothing is there because an issue is only some problem to be dealt with the light and to bring you to the light. It is a lesson to learn and grow from, so any issue is only a learning experience that benefits you in the long run. You just have to get on from it when the time comes rather than being wrapped up in the problem.

It seems like the staying up at night for whatever reason will pay off later. Much later for some of you, but the hardship and trials right now will pay off dividends, and I do mean dividends. I see some of you getting back accounts that you previously thought were impossible and getting sales that were impossible. More like things just paying off, if even just a smile and a nod or friendship that was not there before.

I feel like you are being understood more soon, especially at the end of the year and that this right now is preparing you for more later. They really want to make this point. Things pay off later even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

Again, sleepless nights, sleepless nights, a mother that won’t give and completion. It is really ending now they say and it is a good thing, you just can’t hold onto the problem to get a solution. You have to let go and appreciate the people in your life in order to have a healthy relationship with them.

You may be scratching your head thinking, what does he mean later? Why can’t I have it now? But what it really means is anything, ANYTHING that is bothering you now is for a higher purpose, no matter the issue, you will be sitting there at the top of the heap where you only imagined you could be, sooner than you think.

I see some of you being a giving person to a male figure in your life. So if you are a woman, perhaps you are being misunderstood by the man in your life. Almost like you are giving giving giving and not being understood or appreciated like you should be. You see his problems and don’t know how to help him and you just want to bring it to an end but feel unable to. If this is you, realize that any other person’s trials are for them to heal in their own life and focus on a positive outcome for him, even if you see no other way.

From your higher perspective of love and light, you are at a vantage point for others and can bring them some positive energy by not being brought down by negativity. If you are in a better state than someone else than focus on an even better state for you and your loved ones. And who knows, maybe even your kids can step in and add their light too.

That is the end of this reading. I pray it helps you and moves you onto better light, whatever that is for you.

And if things don’t pay off this year, you are on a different path, and it is up to you to make your own way happen. Some of you are more take-charge kind of people, so don’t let a prediction stop you from making your dreams come true. You still have to do the work and get it done. So don’t focus on what I said too much if it stops you from following your dreams.

P.s.. I am not a professional therapist, counselor, or pastor just some guy who likes Oracle cards and art.

Tim Edwin B.

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