Some Zazzle Products From My Store

Here are some links and images of things to buy from my Zazzle store. Yes, I am selling some products and have been for a while, though not nearly as much as I had hoped for. The store has been a bit of a bust for a while, but lately, I seem to get another sale or so here and there and that is a delight in itself. Knowing that someone put out the cash for one of my images makes the job quite a bit better. I know, I know- it is all about the human expression of one’s soul for it to be art, and that has kept me going for a long, long while, but it DOES help to be able to say- “Someone validates my work, they really, really do.
Long story short, I hope to post a lot of images and links to my store in the coming days, so get used to this type of post for about a week now. These things are really cool in my book and they usually look and feel better than I anticipate when I get a product from zazzle. Yes, I am not only a zazzle seller, but a loyal customer as well [Insert the obligatory ancient hair commercial joke here].
As cool as they are, I usually am able to get only one or two things from the site in order to blog about them, so I will be posting mostly the store links that zazzle freely allows customers to share with a handy little menu on each product. You know- pinterest, facebook, twitter- the whole shebang, even html code that is as easy as cut and paste like the ones I used here. Here is a task for the loyal blog audience- share these links from my store and show the world how much you care about my artwork… Or at least purchase a thing or two from my site. I’ll not beg, but every little bit helps and sharing seems to be how the internet works these days.
I’m not trying to break rich from this stuff, but it does make me feel better to get one or two sales here and there; and hopefully some satisfied customers will happen because of my store and my work.
Abstract Gorilla Watch
Abstract Gorilla Watch by timebush
View more Wrist Watches online at
These watches above are my best sellers- a few here and there and a happy watch wearer.. There are many more watches similar to these on the site as well, like the one below. Maybe I will add some more to the site soon.
Above, is a clock/fish tank with my artwork on the background… Yes, an actual fish bowl in front of a clock. Whether it actually works or not, I have no idea, but it looks cool, sounds cool, and hopefully is cool. I would be interested in hearing whether this thing is worth having or not, so if you do end up purchasing, send along some images and include your experiences to let the rest of the people who venture to my blog posts hear about it.
Hopefully there is one or two of you out there with some interest in these things. They are cool for me to see- my artwork on a product- dreams come true in a sort of way. I love just being able to see the computer generated images with my art on something other than a flat piece of pixels. It is fun anyhow.
Thanks for following along and I hope you have a good day, week, month, year, life, and beyond.
Tim Edwin B.