Angel Messages Of Light -Chapter One- Done- Help Needed

Finishing a comic book is not the easiest thing. Even at a low page count of 28, it takes a lot longer than I could have imagined. There is a lot of fine tuning of technique and getting used to the working methods. You have to get into the swing of it in order to count down to completion. Like the pendulum to the old grandfather clock, in order to get to the end of the project, you first have to develop momentum and keep in time with your routines. Every once in a while, a winding is needed, or a break in the continuous work. A little fun here and there, with possibly a cuckoo to keep you motivated.

At least that is what it was like for me.

All in all, despite a few formatting issues and minor touches of mistakes here and there, I am happy with my project being up for sale. Although it was not received in fanfare and parades, it was a huge step for me to get an actual finished product on my much beloved

I have been using Amazon since it was just a book dealer and nothing else. Back in the days of dial up modems and interrupted net sessions, I ordered books on surrealism and art in general. I have steadily been a customer through college, life after school, and life event after life event, so it was an obvious first choice for me to publish with.

As complicated as it may sound, publishing today is as simple as uploading a file and waiting. A fair amount of marketing is about the only difference between putting something up for sale on your own and using a traditional publisher. Books are given equal playtime whether self or traditionally published on the seller’s site. Credibility and getting enough people interested is the tough part -and the part I have little idea how to accomplish.

My best bet right now is this blog. Maybe if enough people see it here, or some other social site I am on, they will be interested enough to click on over to the sales page and download or order a physical copy of my creative and crafty angel comic. I know it has taken a long time and a fairly large amount of work to get it done, so I am eager to make some sales on this thing. Not that I would be stopped either way from making more of them (I already started another project)  but it would definitely give a physically purposeful reason for making these works of love.

The book making process has given me lots of experience in completing a project and technique that will last a lifetime, but the follow-through of getting buyers is a bit lost on me. I want to ask for help from my followers (you) to get the word out on my book or my other projects. That is the best way I can do it for now. I don’t have marketing know-how and as it seems, I don’t have the cash to buy ads. I’m unsure how to make a promo marketing kit or what that even is, really, but I have projects that I believe in.

Please check out my book if you have been following along. It is very much like my comic strips, only a bit longer and with more angelic connection. I know a lot of people may not agree with my point of view on the “supernatural” or on “spirit speak”, but I gather if you read this blog, you may very well appreciate some of it.

On kindle and paperback.

Tim Edwin B.