Digital Feather Painting- Corel Painter

Corel Painter 12 Feather Painting
Corel Painter 12 Feather Painting

Here is my latest painting. Done in Corel Painter 12. I haven’t upgraded to the newest version of painter yet, but it still works good enough to paint some things. I may be doing another card deck with this image as a part of it. We will see how it all goes.

This came about rather quickly after seeing images in my head while meditating. It didn’t come out quite exactly like my brain saw, but the outcome was good enough to keep me motivated to do more later. I may edit this later on, but I am happy enough with it to move on.

I pray you like this and my other works. It’s been a while going on this blog and I’m finally finishing projects and that’s great fun for me. Hopefully you will like them too.