Reading for Monday 12/15/14

Daily Reading for 12/15/14 Daily Reading for 12/15/14

I pulled these cards last night and shot video this afternoon.

I gather from the cards pulled that people are stressed out about traffic and getting around out there in the world. Seems that all the protesting and shootings happening has everyone on edge. You may feel the need to avoid that trip to the grocery store, or you may get caught in an argument with another driver. Perhaps you are just upset over how it is out there in the world and feel the energy of anger from others.

Best advice is to take it one step at a time and take care of yourself. Stress happens most days, but it is all in how you handle it that counts. It may be Monday and you may dread that start of the ‘work week’ but it is just one day and a day you most likely will be able to get through.

That’s it for the quick reading for the day. I will post another Tomorrow and hopefully Wednesday. Perhaps the rest of the week too.


And, yes, these cards are available for sale on my store page on .. The back of the card image was changed and I like this ten thousand percent better. They were previously called “Everyday Healing Oracle” and a few other names. I am settled on this one for now and I feel it is the best descriptor for them at this point.