Glittery Gleaming Shining Moon- Poetry to Make it Last

The stars

The skies

The night above

I thought that thing

That thing would pass

But things they come

And sometimes last

The beliefs I’ve believed

Were often fast

But things have changed

And I can’t last

I wish I were

Were more like you

That glittery gleaming, shining moon

To have a thought

And let it move

Move on past

But I have caught

Have caught the past

And I don’t know

How to pass

This thing I’vc thought

I’ve thought before

Glittery gleaming, shining moon

The skies above

Move for you

And often past

Has been the passed

But how to make

To make it last


© Tim Edwin B.


One thought on “Glittery Gleaming Shining Moon- Poetry to Make it Last

  1. a fine line between to persevere and
    perseverate …. black or
    white … standing still or
    moving forward … head held
    high moving forward .. or down
    contemplating what’s done is
    done …
    words or light the
    choice to live …
    life turned inward such a
    waste of time … a wheel that turns (and turns and turns) but takes you
    nowhere …. words of boredom … life the same …
    what a fucking bummer …
    i know exactly how you
    feel … ks


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