Angel Messages Of Light-Finished for the Second Time


My first comic book is as done as I am going to get it. It took a long long time to put this together. Comic book style was something I never understood the difficulty of until I tried it. And tried. And tried. And tried. Until I finally did it.

This project was one that was in my heart for a long while and is a bit of a dream come true. I spent many hours learning the method of ink drawing and fine tuning my style. It was a long while coming, but I am happy with where it is now. I tried to release it earlier for the shopping season, but realized as soon as I got a physical copy that it needed to be reworked.

So here it is, after a couple weeks of rework and I am pleased with it. It is my first comic, so I am sure future projects will be even better, but I feel like this was a good start and a good entry into this publishing world.

Many of you probably know of my angel comic strips. This book is similar but way longer than any of the strips and much more in depth. The comic strips helped me to learn what I needed to to get this book where it is.

This book went through many versions and started as a bit of a whim; a whim that would take a couple years to complete to satisfaction. It started as words, then sketches, then a bunch of amateur drawings and then practice as comic strips, until I finally was able to draw it out on professional illustration board. I worked on this alongside other projects that I also love but this one, I put a lot of effort into it. 

I hope you enjoy this comic book and future projects as well.

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