Understanding and the Creative Process-Angel Messages and Oracles

In order to understand something, I have to create. In order to make sense of something, I have to make. In order to have an understanding, I have to create. Understanding takes action, experience, participation, and a process.

I made my Angel comic and my Oracle decks in order to understand these topics. Was it perfect? No. Was it the perfect way? No. But I made progress. I made sense of things. I made experience happen in some way.

I enjoy this process. I enjoy these topics. I want to learn more. I want to make more. Does this make me an expert? No. But I am a participant and I am making progress in all of these endeavors.

While learning new things, a person needs to learn to walk before riding a bike. My Angel comic was me learning to walk. Hopefully I will start running soon. I want my attempts to walk to be entertaining for all of you, my fans, friends, and family members.

I will keep going. I will keep making. I will keep learning to walk. I do this stuff for me. I do this stuff for the world. I practice my part in the world to be an asset, to be a participant, in some way.

I do my best. I will keep going. I will keep making. I will keep trying to understand.


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