Major Workload Explanation-The Many Projects of 2015

This is a list of projects I am working on, have worked on, or will be working on.

For anyone who was interested in my comic strip series, ‘Angel Messages of Light’ ,the only way to see anything like it for a while is to buy the graphic novel/comic book that I made. I am working on a lot of other projects and I’ve lost interest in the Angel comic for now. It may be a few years before I really think about trying to get back to that project.

I was thinking it would be a series, but it may end up being a one-off as I don’t think very many people like it.

My tarot deck that I have been working on has an angelic theme so I will still be creating Angel artwork, but the comic/ comic strip Angel Messages Of Light will not be worked on for a while.

I have another comic book about meditation that I am about a third of the way through making; and three other comic book ideas that I have started to write out and hope to get to at some point.

My Abstract Oracle card deck, Abstracted Divination is nearly done. I have to edit some more and write the booklet, which I have been putting off for a while.

I have two Oracle decks finished from last year.

They are-

Relatables Oracle
Minor Healing Oracle

Both of the finished oracles are available on while I attempt to save up money to get a bunch printed.

I have some work done on a new abstract/comic style Oracle card deck that I hope to get done later this year. This one seems like it will be very accurate.

I also have some work done on two smaller 23 card decks that will make you spin around to look at how accurate they are.

On another note, I am also working on a children’s book with funny looking animals and a playing card deck.

I uploaded some Angel artwork to and made some quick products for sale there. I am still going to try to donate up to 20% of all zazzle sales (and possibly other sites’ sales) to a great charity that helps the earth and its natural inhabitants. Preserving the natural world, the one other than cities and smog, is a big deal to me and I hope to be able to put a large portion of money to one of these organizations

-WWF, Oceana, or one that is recommended. 

With all of this work and little payoff so far, I am more than stressed and concerned about my motivation or reason for doing this work. The only reason I seem to keep going is because I love the work and believe in the projects.

I need people to share and pass on links to this site or to sales pages. I need supporters and advocates to back me up and get the message out on my work. I need more blog views and viewers. I need some way to get these projects noticed.

I am working alone here with debilitating anxiety and stress while on disability. It seems like I do a lot but a large part of the reason for all of the projects is the manic side of my illness, always going from one idea to the next and never sitting down and focusing. It’s sort of a benefit to the illness that I try to take advantage of, but that just ends up stressing me out.

Luckily enough, I am gaining experience and focus and an learning to cut back on the work work work aspect to where I was. Going non-stop on making things and avoiding responsibilities was not working and an indicator of not being stable.

Anyhow, I will continue to work, but at a much more healthy pace. I hope to post one reading a week for a while if I can. Hopefully, it will be similar to those videos that I posted about a month ago, with a sketch to go along with it. (This time with just a photo)

That’s all I can think of right now so if you feel any sort of connection or enjoyment from my work, please, please, please send it along, share it, get it out there to your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, it WordPress site. I really need a hand in this stuff. I may be over my head.

Tim Edwin B.