Are Spirit Guides in Entertainment More Common Than You Think?

Whether you know it or not, you may be enjoying entertainment featuring a slight reference to spirit guides. Let me explain.

Mostly in children’s stories and entertainment, there seems to be a common theme where some sort of reference to a “spirit guide”is vital to the story.

Take Pinocchio for instance- you have Jiminy Cricket who plays the role of Pinocchio’s conscious, always showing up to give advice right when Pinocchio needs it. When you think of Peter Pan, do you notice Tinker Bell? A spirit entity that sprinkles “magic dust” and who floats around, almost always there when needed, sort of in the background.

When you play Zelda games there is almost always some sort of character who acts as a guidance giver throughout the game. I think the one character’s name was Tingle who would show up with the aid of a portable gaming device. In the Wii version, there was a princess who popped in with advice.

I was just watching “Max Steel”, and there is a technological character that follows “Max” around and they are pretty much inseparable, even speaking in Max’s brain when no one else can hear. When you think of Spider Man, do you think of “Spidey Senses”?

All throughout entertainment, you will see a character that is a loving and helpful partner that sort of stays in the background.

This is common in video games (the ones geared towards younger people) and cartoons, comics, movies, and just about every corner you turn.

Think about it. The more you do, the more you may notice the “signs” all around you.

Tim Edwin B.

Ps, if you have any input into other stories with a similar component,I would be happy to hear about it.

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