And Now For Something Completely Different-Trekking Back to Abstract

I think I’m going to look at Angel Messages of Light as a school project and as a way to gain experience publishing. I learned so much making it and went through all sorts of energies in the process that I am feeling it is very sophomoric in a lot of ways. Don’t get me wrong, I did my best.

What I’m feeling now is it was an initiation of sorts and was a departure from my earlier works. A huge departure away from abstracts. It was a steep learning curve to go from one extreme to the other and my energetic body does not thank me for it.

All in all, I have so many skills now from doing it and I learned so much while researching, practicing, doing and publishing. My skills were raw and rough for the most part, but it was all for learning. Will I keep it up for sale? Yes. But maybe somewhere down the road it will be taken down. Anyhow, I feel my skills are better from the work of doing it, but for now, I will not work on angels for a while.

I have a children’s book that I am working on and I’m not sure that I want to post images from it yet as it is still just sketches and ideas and I don’t know about all the possibilities of people stealing ideas. The NSA paranoia is enough that I don’t want stealers eyeing the ideas. I would not have been able to come up with this idea for children’s books if I had not worked on Angel Messages of Light and I would not have been able to work on my next comic book project about meditation if it were not for AMOL.

That being said, I have felt so inspired to work on abstract marker drawings that I have decided I will try to sell some on eBay sometime in the coming months. I am happy that I have been able to sell some shirts that were in storage and for the possibility of some other saleable items soon. It feels good to make some sales, even if it is just for the reason of being able to eat and clear space and energy. It is not really the most fun thing to have to sell belongings to survive, but I guess an artist has to do what an artist has to do.

I feel like abstracts are my true calling and in line with my truest self and that the whole “new age” movement in my work was a good learning experience and one I am glad to have taken some beliefs and skills and spirit friends from, but maybe something that was not a part of what I really needed to be doing.

I will still follow the path of daily meditation and angel communication and Oracle and tarot card making and reading, but I am not so encumbered with trying to “do the right thing” or of trying to live up to the great spiritual books I was reading. I have taken in enough information for a while and I have processed it enough for me to have working skills in spirit communication and spiritual concepts that I am able to forge ahead and do what I love most for a while-abstract art and now illustration work.