Funky Artist Is Broke- Needs Sales

Let me tell you about this “vibration” I’ve been in.

I have been broke for far too long. I’ve been on food stamps for a while now and while I still need them, they were taken away after a re-filing misunderstanding. I have been unable to buy food or drinks for over three weeks and me and my mother are scraping by with random food that No-One eats if they have a choice. Cereal that hasn’t been touched in about a year. Frozen dinners that have been frozen for at least two years. We’ve had to bake cookies and things from kits that have been in the cupboard for who knows how long.

We rely on charity every now and then and are more than happy when someone offers to help. I have been selling things that belong to us on eBay for a meal from grub hub every once in a while. Because I can’t transfer the money from PayPal to my back account because my bank account is overdrafted and the money from the sale doesn’t cover the overdraft fees. Luckily, grub hub allows me to pay with PayPal. I scour through the menus and different restaurants for a meal that only costs ten dollars and can feed two people. Which is difficult because a lot of the places have a minimum order and then tax and delivery fees have to be taken into account because we don’t have a car.

I’m using art supplies I never thought I would use because the ones I need are too expensive and I have a craving to create constantly. I have things I’ve been working on for a while that are finished and for sale but don’t sell, mostly because I have no idea how to sell. I would pay someone to market or for ads, but that costs money, which I DO NOT have. I wrote and drew and inked and colored a comic book and I am too self conscious to think it is good, especially when I’ve only made five sales. Five amazing and incredible sales that I adore, but five doesn’t go far.

EBay only allows me to post five things a month because I am a beginner, but I need to have at least ten up to make enough to buy sandwiches at the corner store. I’m selling books on Amazon now because I have a lot of them and I haven’t read them for years.

Every project I start takes months to finish and there is no guarantee that they will sell. I have talent but I am too anxious and stressed to sit still for more than twenty minutes. I have most of my experience in fine art and after years of not being able to sell fine art, have switched to illustration for work. I am an unknown and don’t know how to approach a publisher and don’t know if I want to.

But my projects! I love them! I have so much fun painting and drawing and writing and creating characters and ideas and worlds for them all to interact in. I have a great imagination and a great skill-set to draw from. I love tarot and Oracle cards and making cards that work when I use them gives me thrills you wouldn’t believe.

Please help me out and buy some of my projects.

·Angel Messages of Light – is a comic book that is 28 pages long about angels and how they help- probably best for young and adult readers

·Relatables Oracle – is an Oracle card deck that was my first attempt and one that can be used for advice in every type of relationship from friends to family to work

·Minor Healing Oracle– is an Oracle deck that is easy to use and actually works really well, surprisingly.

·Zazzle items– all sorts of merchandise with my artwork all over them

It’s taken a while to get all these things done as I’m sure a lot if your already know. I hope to have some of my abstract drawings for sale on eBay soon. Every little bit helps and if you wish to donate, please send a message in the contact box here for more information.

I love to do this stuff and I hope to be alive to keep doing it. Thank you for your views.

Tim Edwin B.