Answered Prayers- Signs From the Angels

As of late I have been going through frustrating times as my previous post shows. To put it simply, I  have been broke broke broke and suffering with very little food.

I fell asleep last night, while meditating, and was awoken at a startle at exactly 2:22 am. I remember it well because my eyes were almost forced to look at the clock at the foot of my bed as they darted directly at the time as soon as they opened.

I remember sleeping fairly well after that, which is unusual for me when waking from sleep. As I awoke, I felt well rested and taken care of. I knew I would be ordering some take-out later that day with my last few dollars and that it would have to last for some while.

I didn’t look at my phone all day- just had some coffee and went for some journaling and tv watching. The first time I picked my phone up, it said 2:22 pm. I said,

‘okay angels. I get it. Everything’s going to be okay. ‘

Later after working on a drawing, I looked at the time while on the phone with a group of people. I hadn’t thought to check the time at all since earlier. It said 4:44 pm. I was shocked a bit, but that was only the beginning it seemed.

I was hungry soon after this point and decided to order food from a take-out place with money that I had saved up in PayPal money. I decided on some Santa Fe chicken salad for later and a chicken teriyaki wrap for then. I decided to add a tip which came out to $2.02 and the total, with tip, was $22.22.

I was blown away at this point and thought, there is no way this is a mistake!, and I felt great and sure that this was the perfect order for me. I was worried previously that it was a bad mistake to order food because it was the only money I had, and when you are poor, every purchase feels like a mistake. But when I saw the total, I  felt sure that it would – as the Doreen Virtue app says about 222 – work out perfectly for all involved.

I was thinking, there is no way the universe could top that at all and so I decided to look at a website while the food was coming just to look and see what felt like a good idea to buy later, and the item number on one of the things I was looking at stuck out at me. It said xxxx’555’00055 or some such combination of whatever. The 555 did it. I was over the top! I had never thought the angels would answer my prayers like this in one day, especially since something like this had already happened before.

I prayed for so long for a sign and was making all sorts of shouts for help from my Facebook friends and the universe and to be answered like this was a great relief.

And the food never tasted so good before. I felt way more than satisfied and I have a few meals for me and for my lizards in the next couple of days.

Thank you angels. 🙂

Tim Edwin B.

For more about the angels, please check out my 28 page comic book about them. “Angel Messages of Light”