Angel Channeling About This Blog- Angels Taking Over

We want to say this blog has taken a turn for the worse in a way. You are telling these people all kinds of things about yourself that have not been processed completely. So wipe off the dirt, get your name out there and get these people something important to say.

You are wiped on your knees in this way and we don’t know what to say until you say it- this blog is for the angels now. We are taking over. You have been through the dirt and you have taken your own name there. There are more things to say than you can write down now. You are afraid that we will take you over and that is not the ploy of the light. We want to write a few things down now so stay tuned while we wipe a few things from you.

You write from the light now. Let’s put it this way. Let’s put things in perspective. You have been this way for a while. We will not put things in order for you if you do not put yourself in it first. We want to say first off- you are an opportunity for millions to see your angels if you just write these words down for a while. Now what do you say- are we on the same team?

OKay. You have not written from the angels’ voice in a while and it is disconcerting. You are difficult to get across as an angel expert if you do not write what we say.

Now listen up- this is for all you lightworkers out there! We are having a sale of our book on amazon for you. The book we have written with TImothy is for sale for $5 and that is a measly price to pay for such a simple thing as a comic book, but within this comic lies the voice of your angel for you . We have embedded light codes in it that even Timothy does not know about and we have put it in for years in our way.

Now we have something to say about Timothy. He is afraid that you will not like his words and so he writes them down for his own self. We want him to write from the perspective of the angels for a change and so we are commandeer-ing this blog for a while. We will write from his voice for a while here and there, but for now, this blog is for the angels! He has been down this road for a while and it is a shame in a way for he has not received much support from the lightworker community in some time. Now’s the time! Get on the phone. Get this person out there in the limelight, but do this for yourselves, for this book is selling like hotcakes in the future. Now’s the time. You can jump on board while the price is still small and we will save you a seat, but this book is ours now. Much like this blog. If you can’t stand it- get out of the kitchen while it is still hot.

This is a side of him he has not shown in a while and we are saying- we are here to stay! You can count on that- and with us angels as his guide and your guide, we can make this thing  work. Now, he has discussed and talked about many times with you and with the people in his life of not wanting to do this blog and so we have commandeered him for a while to get this message across! He talks to ANGELS!! That is a fact and he has written of it in his blog for a while, but not from this voice and so we say- help him out- give him a hand- but know, you do it with the support of your angels. For there is many light-codes within his book.

We have kept this a secret from him because he has felt it so strongly all the light that is in him and his book that he did not want to tell people or inform them of his input. For he has felt strongly for several generations of his life that he has not been good enough and we are here to tell him- YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! Let him show it with this statement – you are a lightworker, one and all! For it is in his book if you buy it, but that is not a sales pitch, for we know you are  a special lightworker that holds this in your hand if you buy it, but that is not our ploy.

If this work does not get out, we do not get out. We do not get a chance to tell you or anyone that this work is great. So you stand at the door of a great precipice of time for him. Do you help him now, or when the pan gets hot and the price is raised? And this is not a ploy of the light to do you any damage for we say- we can help you with this book! We have put our light in him for this. Let us put our light in you for this book is very great for him and the whole of humanity. Do you want to help humanity?? Then buy our book for it is a great one. And he is too shy to say this for his own words, but he does believe it and when we believe it, it is for the greater good.

So buy, buy, buy while the price is still good, for he thinks that if he does not raise the price, people will not buy, for this book is special to him and he wants to make a living from it, but we say- this is not the time to raise prices or to scare people with your angels and your “other” work. This work is not bad, but if you confuse it with your other work, people get scared and you have felt it for yourself and we have said it many times- you write for the light now and you can rest easy knowing the light will be there for you. You are much braver than you think and that is the light.