Playing Card Reading for 2/12/15


Here is the cartomancy reading for 2-12-14 Thursday

Four of diamonds says finances are the order. Maybe you didn’t get enough, or as much as you had planned or there is a bank account discrepancy. I’m hearing that yes, there was a bank account discrepancy. There is not as much as you thought there would be, (lol) but the four says stability so everything should work out if there is a problem. Did someone buy you diamonds? Are you wearing a diamond now? If so, feel privileged about your gift of abundance. It feels like maybe one or two of you lost a diamond or someone is going to get you a new one as a gift or replacement.

6 of work (clubs) says financial discrepancies and difficulties at work. Maybe there is just too much for you to do alone or there is more work ahead of you than you thought you wanted to do. I hear “Ask your boss for a reevaluation in terms of the pile of paperwork that may be accumulating.” They say there is a chance your boss will see that he gave you way too much to do on your own, especially if you show him the large masses of papers all over your desk -if you work with paper. If you don’t work with paperwork, the same goes for you- show the man/woman in charge how much work you have to do as opposed to your coworkers. There is an opportunity for someone to take on some of your work and the possibility of someone new in the workplace. A protege or someone that is new to the job.

They say- with your expertise, you are well qualified to lead any newcomers coming in and perhaps you can ask the boss to allocate some of your workload into the helping of newcomers rather than dealing with paperwork or menial repetitive work that is just not fun anymore for you. If you are giving someone a hard time, even in your thoughts, they say- go easy on them for it was not too long ago that you were first learning something new- and perhaps you are still learning something new to this day. They say you are well qualified for any work anyone gives you, but if it is too much, no human can do it. There is the possibility of some new tech coming in if you are persistent. Perhaps a machine that will get the job of twenty people done or maybe a new tech purchase is needed just for your personal use to make the job way easier just for you.

Although work is difficult, they say- this new person, or new tech will be able to take care of the majority of the work and get it done with fun and satisfaction for all and you may be surprised at just how much he/she/it is able to do. It seems like the work he/she does is reflected back to you as your boss or coworkers see you as a source of great teaching and there may be a place of advancement for you if you are able to teach others just as well.

If you are a teacher of some sort already, it seems that the students are feeling overwhelmed with the workload and perhaps so do you. You may feel finances are too low for the amount of work you do, even though it is a reliable, steady job. They say they want you to take more chances in the workplace- for all involved feel the same way. ANd this may mean having some fun with the people there- a party of some sort for the coworkers may be in order. Maybe the boss is asking for more sales sales sales or perhaps you, being the boss are asking way too much from the coworkers.

They are asking all to Reevaluate from every angle and with the new year and new tech coming to you and your workplace, you can all settle down and get back to the work you really love doing. They are saying if you are in a teaching position, the new order for all of the computers or tablets will come through, you just need to do all the legwork and that means paperwork and cold calls if necessary. They say- school is of the utmost importance for any student, even you if you are in a teaching position and your “schoolwork” means learning to make phone calls (and be persuasive!) or have never had to deal with managerial positions or making the calls that make the work happen. With today’s age and times, “Everyone deserves to be treated as royalty- even you. So take the time off if you need it., especially if you are feeling swamped- (in more ways than one for some of you. )”

It seems a big brother or sibling is coming to help you with your difficulties or with finances even though you don’t know it. Perhaps he is planning to help but hasn’t been given the chance or doesn’t know all the particulars about your situation and so doesn’t know what to do or what you need. Sometimes a good call to a brother can help solve all your problems, especially if you are fighting or arguing. If this is you- it seems that the difficulties with finances recently has served to make everyone involved upset and distraught and this may have led to misunderstandings or arguments. They say-” Your brother loves you even if he does not show it the way you want him to or anticipate. Any difficulties are well put off with a simple discussion.” Just swallow your pride and get the work done for some of you, but it seems mostly that all of the work will come from a new person doing the work, especially someone under you.

They say– all the finances are laid out in a line, you just need to get through the hump- even if that means doing the workload of twenty, for some of you really do have to hold all hats. And that means doing work work work, but to realize that you are still young and still have plenty of days ahead of you. If this is you- try to take breaks throughout the day and HAVE FUN and rest for a whole day every now and again if you have to, especially if you do not have fun usually.

That ends this reading. I pray it has helped you in some way. Just so you know- this is a general reading for followers of this blog. Some of the messages may not make sense for you, but if you give it a chance, there is something to take away for all of you.  If you are new here, please have a look around at all my products and categories at the top of the page.

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PS- All readings on this blog are for entertainment purposes only. Please make all decisions with your own intuition and higher self. Take away what works for you, but please make your own decisions.

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