Valentine’s Day Reading for 2/13- 2/15 2015



Cartomancy Reading for 2/13/15 to 2/15/15 Friday- Sunday (Valentine’s Weekend)

Things are looking good financially. Maybe you started the week out feeling swamped and overwhelmed with whether or not you will have enough to last or if you will have enough love for Valentine’s Day. The good news is that you will feel like a million bucks whether or not you really have a million of anything. They say “the love you have is for yourself first and foremost and any difficulties in this area is because you are not giving yourself the self care you need and deserve. Think about it- if you do not take care of yourself, how good looking or presentable are you really going to be to the love of your life?

If anyone or anything loves you, it is because you bring them the love you have for yourself before anything else. People love to be a part of someone who has everything taken care of already- even if this means just loving yourself for the good job you are doing. Maybe no one recognizes you or your effort, but the true reality of success is feeling satisfied with what you are doing, not what anyone else thinks of you.

I’m really liking this ace here, as it signifies everything working out well, even if things are stressful. It’s like you have problems here and problems there, but right in the middle, you have everything taken care of. Sometimes it seems as if it is all just a bit much for you, but deep down when it gets down to it, you know you have an ace up your sleeve, if you forgive my pun.

They warn not to take work problems into the love life area. It’s like you do so much in a week and when the weekend comes, you may tend to bring that to your home life  and this may affect your spouse/lover. Luckily, this person has your back and knows how to deal with your less than positive demeanor if this is you. There is love there, even if you do not know it and if you bring problems into a problem area, everything gets messed up.

It’s like love is in your future, but you do not really want it, even if you know it will be better with more love. They say- do not let the world get you down or block your way to love for you deserve love in any situation. If you are not getting it, then you know just how much you need to work on yourself in order to bring the love you need into your life.

I sense a lot of stress around you this weekend, but the one thing you can hold onto is your personal wealth- the wealth inside you and your skills and talents. They say- there is a great person inside all this work and trouble areas that you need to deal with. Even though you have troubles and problems- and everyone does- you still know who you are and what you are and no matter what anyone else says- you’ve got it made. And that means you are number one in your life and world and once you get that taken care of first and foremost- everything falls into place.

There’s a sense of urgency or rushing too, that just is not serving you. Maybe you are rushing to find love or are rushing to get something done or you have to go somewhere you do not want to go and do not have enough time to get just about all you need to get done in one day. They say- the love you need is within- keep going there. First and foremost. They keep bringing this one through so it seems really important.

I know that it is difficult with this holiday to give love to yourself when you are probably expecting or wanting or needing it from someone else, but it really does start from within in order to get the love you need from someone else. No one wants to be friendly with someone who is in a bad mood because they did not bother to tie their own shoes or to talk to their friend or to be there for someone they love. So self care in this manner is the ability to talk your needs out to others, even if they are your friends or therapist.

If someone else knows of your problems, you are not taking all the responsibility for yourself and a weight is lifted. Mostly, though, you have to deal with your issues on a deep inner manner in order to solve anything because if you just tell someone your problems and don’t bother to fix the thing that caused them- you- they will just pop back up again. And this goes back to the self care mentioned before. If you just take care of yourself first, you will feel like a million bucks and like you already have the love of your life– which will end up attracting the real love you need. That is, if you play your cards right…. (PUN)

That ends your holiday reading for now. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message here in the comments section or my email in the contact form on my blog. I will be taking a few days off from the blog in order to take care of my own needs, but I should be available to answer comments or what have you.

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As with all readings, the interpretations are up for your interpretation and whether you follow any advice, it is for you to decide for yourself. I pray this has helped you in some way and I pray you find the love you need in yourself. First.