Dreams Come True For All Of You-Poetry For Only You

I believe that dreams come true
From thoughts you think
Through true belief
Thoughts that bring
You only to
Fits of relief
And leisure too

I believe in faerie tales
And things you think
Aren’t really there

I believe that dreams come true
With work you do
And love to do

Better things happen to
Ones who dream
And grow through you-
The one who thinks
We owe it to
All the things we’re longing to

I believe in miracles
Happenstance and rare events
Tricks to those who know it too
Luck befalls
Not only few

Everything you love to do
Is what is truly calling you
Things you do for only you
Are meant to take you
Where you’re longing to

When thoughts you think
Are lining you
With where you’re truly wanting to

The day does swiftly
Bring you to
Where you’re always guided to

In dreams and thoughts
Of faeries too
For they are there, prodding you
Heaven wants you
Only to
Follow hearts
So dreams come true

© Tim Edwin B.