Bipolar Disorder Described By Angels- Why It Exists, What Purpose Does It Serve

The way the angels just described Bipolar Disorder to me is quite interesting. They have a unique take on things and one that really made me think. I will speak a little about what they said. I was lost in thought and sometimes I will get information that way. Just going from one thing to the next and thinking.

Basically they said that people with Bipolar Disorder feel they have something to prove, in a way. In a sense, they are reacting to negative situations around them that have been going wrong for a long time. Either the people around them or the person’s take on the way society is, causes them to divide against the world that feels so aptly stacked against them.

In a way, they are going against the way ‘everyone’ does things. Either the ‘everyone’ of their family or their city, or just a general angst against the rules and beliefs that are prevalent around them. A lot of the time, their angst or anger at a situation is well warranted and justified almost. The bipolar person seems to feel as if the world needs to be fought against in order to better the way everything is. There is a fight within them between wanting everything to go right and wanting to ‘tell it like it is’ and make everyone see that the way things are just doesn’t work for them, or anyone. This fight between wanting to go along with the rules despite their higher self strongly disagreeing and wanting to fight against the world makes them split a part of themselves off and turn either angry with mania or depressed within.

In a sense the mania of some bipolar patients goes with the split and trying to ‘see what they can get away with’ or just a total mis-conceptualizing of what they believe the true standards of society are. In a lot of instances, they are acting out everything they think is wrong with the world in order to prove to the world that they way it works is messed up.

Whether this is intentional or not is a case by case basis and one that I have no idea how to prove/disprove. I am just entertaining a thought here.

Some want to run away and move on from a situation as in their relationships or jobs and have difficulty making proper decisions. They say there is a lot of pent up energy in them that just wants to be expressed or won’t go away unless it is acted upon. The confusion of what everyone around them is doing and their conceived higher perspective on morals from an energetic standpoint don’t match up and they just don’t know what to do. They hold things in for a long time without saying anything in order not to make a scene or a fuss but eventually the dam breaks and they end up burning bridges of a sort.

It’s sort of like a sensitive soul is put in a dangerous situation and their only response is to split themselves away from the stress and this sometimes causes an acting out of sorts. A lot of performers or artists find relief from bipolar illness symptoms by safely acting out their fears, anger, or regrets. And there is a lot of regret that goes along with bipolar as the person with BD often ends up causing a stir or doing things that their higher perspective knows is not right.

When I say higher perspective, I mean the person’s higher self. Everyone has a soul and everyone has a connection to a higher part of themselves. Emotions are said to be the guidance system that tells a person how far or close they are to what the source of everything thinks about them or their situation.

So basically, the thought I got was that prolonged exposure, whether brought about by strong beliefs or just poor environment, to negative situations and feeling the want to rebel against said situation while also knowing that rebelling will cause more problems is the cause of the majority of Bipolar Disorder symptoms. They said that with enough reprogramming of the subconscious through meditation and energy healing along with a good diet and exercise and healthy life choices will solve about  90% of the problems, provided they follow doctor’s advice and take prescribed medication, for there is a reason that medication was invented. It’s just that along with meditation and the aforementioned, the medication has a better chance of ‘actually healing this dilemma they have between their souls and their realities’.

It’s almost like they have to reevaluate the whole premise of their very ideology and practiced mode of life and living before they are able to be healed completely. They also have to evaluate their positions in relation to the rest of the world and the way the world works and come to terms with past traumas or events.

Some people are born with the illness in order to help the people around them deal with these same issues of societal constructs and they don’t know where it comes from at all. In some cases, trauma is not required, but it is likely that it has occurred in past lives, if you believe in that. There are, of course, seemingly provable instances of past life memories and the like from youngsters, but that is not the main point.

The main idea behind this thought is that the bipolar ill person’s message on a grander scheme is that the way the societal constructs are is not working for anyone from their viewpoint. This illness usually serves to make the people around them reevaluate the world and try to figure out why a person would act a certain way. Almost like a divine mission to mix the pot up so to speak.

I am no therapist or psychologist, just someone with a connection to something I believe is higher wisdom and who deals with the illness himself. That’s just one person’s take on it. I thought it was an interesting thought to say the least and I am glad to have entertained it for a while here.

Tim Edwin B.

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