Weekly Reading for 2/16/15- 2/22/15

Reading for The Week of Monday 2/16/15

I tried to get ready for this reading last week when I was doing the other readings I recently posted. It didn’t seem that the cards I pulled about a week ago were appropriate anymore. So I pulled some new cards, this time from my own oracle card deck, “Relatables Oracle” and from Doreen and Charles Virtue’s oracle called “Indigo Angel Oracle”

I will start with the Relatables cards and then move on to the Indigo Angel Cards. The guides asked me to pull from these card decks and gave me the right amount of cards to pull from each.


Relationships seem to be the focus this week, particularly relationships with friends and family. We start the week out with a great feeling of being understood and of having a lot of friends. Maybe you post something that most of your friends like or they offer to be of assistance to you in a grand way, either way, you feel loved in a friendship kind of way. They say “Family is stable now because you feel like you fit in and have friends now.” You feel like people understand you and because of this feeling, you carry your good mood over to your home life.

Maybe you don’t normally have the best home life, but you are willing to make things work, now that you don’t feel so alone in life. It’s like a little bit goes a long way now. If someone offers to take you out for lunch or dinner, go with them with the full knowledge that you are going to be alright and that it will positively impact your home and family life. It’s like a new idea forms in your head due to the attention from a friend or family that plays the role of friendliness to you.

Don’t worry if you made mistakes in the past with this person or key people  in your life, because with the proper apology and explanation, (and they are emphasizing explanation) you will feel right as rain as they say. And they are saying that a lot of you are dealing with rain, snow, sleet, or uncomfortable weather and that you are letting this block your path to true friendship with the world, with people, and with family. You need to apologize to yourself first in order to have an explanation  for any perceived faults or misunderstandings with others. It’s like everyone is more forgiving this time of year, either  because they are lonely or because they have just had romance or are thinking of romance and loving situations, due in large part to Valentine’s Day just ending. They are also saying that you need to forgive yourself especially for not giving or getting romance if you haven’t had it in a while.

They say that romance happens of its own accord when you are happy, blissful and well aware of the patterns you put into your daily life, even if it is not with a romantic partner. They say, yes, you CAN have romance with yourself if you figure out your patterns of joy. Focus solely on the patterns of your day to day life and pick out the things you really love the most. They really want to make this point clear- DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY- for in joy with yourself is in joy with the world and that attracts mates.


It feels like some of you may be upset over recent events or perhaps you had a disagreement with someone in the past. It’s like you have to forgive yourself for any faults you found in others, rather than judging someone else. This is done by looking within and seeing forgiveness for yourself for perceiving someone else as less than a divine creation of God.

Yes, people can be annoying, frustrating, or grating, but they are the people in your life for a reason and they are all there to teach you self love and reflect back to you your feelings about the world. If anyone makes you feel at odds with the world or like something is wrong with you, just know that is heaven teaching you what you need to work on within yourself.

They say you are being given an opportunity to forgive others this week and that you may be taking it too lightly. It is a much bigger thing than you think because with forgiveness of others, you have forgiveness of yourself. If you carry a grudge with someone, you are only blocking love for yourself which blocks love for the rest of humanity and it is sort of like a chain of events where one thing leads to the other. So forgiveness starts from within and carries over to everything you do.

Please forgive others as often as you brush your teeth. If you only incorporate acts of forgiveness twice a day, then the world will be a much better place for everyone, And they emphasize EVERY day. It’s like incorporating certain thoughts or beliefs or activities while doing something that is monotonous and daily will allow for the “routine” part of the equation to come about much easier. Now is the best time ever to incorporate a forgiveness routine in your daily schedule. It’s like if you don’t do it now, you will not be given opportunities later on in life even if it’s just  a few weeks from now. So , get in shape, get your energy in shape and forgive others- Daily. 

Take time this week to be with yourself and to rest if you have to, but you really have to socialize more if you don’t normally do this, for how can you forgive someone if they are not in front of you to accept your forgiveness. You are being asked to send love no matter what the situation and no matter what anyone else, did, is doing, or is going to do. Love is the highest vibration and the only one that truly allows forgiveness. They are saying that truly, many people’s hearts were softened over the weekend and that many people are being upgraded on a spiritual level and this allows others to accept any and all forgiveness you send their way. Almost like it is a golden opportunity now because of certain energies lining up.

The world and the people in it are understanding of each other now, more than ever, within the past few years.  It’s like the perfect time to be understood, to make your point across but to allow the space for others to forgive you and for you to forgive others. It sounds weird, but this is Black History Month in America and this also impacts a lot of people’s thoughts of understanding and forgiveness. It is sort of like we are all, in America, at least, taking stock of the misunderstandings between people or between groups of people and we are coming to understand on a massive level that everyone has their own way of being, their own way of life and living and that it is their thing and only their thing. If we understand how to allow others room to be themselves, we also allow ourselves a little latitude which in turn goes on to effect the rest of the world with our happier moods and it becomes a chain again. We deserve as much respect as anyone else, especially if that person, or people were treated unfairly in any way.

That is it for this weekly reading. I will post more on the rest of the week tomorrow day by day. I hope this has helped you in some way and I hope this brings you some peace.


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