Abstracted Reading for 2/16- 2/18 2015


Here is the reading for the next two days (Tuesday-Wednesday). I find that most daily readings last for about two days if they are consistently pulled from the card deck. If you set the intention to work with a card reading exercise regularly on a routine, most often, I feel it lasts about two days in it’s freshness. Of course, there are choices and options that come into effect when you read/do a reading.

I am using my very own oracle card deck, “Abstracted Divination” available now from thegamecrafter.com I will be pulling three cards each representing “past” “present” and “future.” First up is the past in relationship to where you are currently at or for the present issue that you are dealing with.


What comes up for past is that you were changing and metamorphing daily and in extreme measures. Everything was changing in all sorts of ways and you are sort of back to where you were before that, only from a more advantaged point of view. I’m feeling a lot of chaos in the past. Lots of energies from every which direction and you in the middle, not knowing where to go from there. And they say from here too. Where you are now is also changing around you and that makes things a bit more intense. Things you thought yesterday that were never going to bother you again come back, but this time you are well prepared, even though you don’t feel that way completely.

It’s like you’re in the middle, everyone around you is in the middle and all your “in the middles” are different and nothing is lining up. And they want to emphasize that this was in the past and it is not ever going to be the same way it was before. A lot of people, like me were pushed through this tight little narrow opening, sort of like a re-birthing and it was intense in a sort of energetic way. They want to remind you that just yesterday, you thought you were going out alone and today you are bringing a posse of light beings and angels. And that is representative of the past few months or years. Back in January, you were tight, and nervous, but now you are relaxed and the changes that were intense are what brought you here.

They want to make sure you are not regretting the past and not pulling and fighting against it, because it could come back to bite you in the butt if you are not sure about yourself now. They say that is not a warning, but in intense energies, intense things are birthed and in intense times, intense peace comes through your asking for more improvement. They want to say not to do it this way again. You don’t have to grow through pain and turmoil and trouble anymore if you so choose. And they say “CHOOSE IT’ in a peaceful manner.


For the present, they say look at how much more peaceful it is now that you are not going through all “that”. Things have cleared and you are looking towards your future, but you had to do it alone. You had to be different in order to stand out in a way, but the standing out was really you getting your two feet in front of you so you can step out and get going with this life. They said it was too difficult in the past to get to where you are going and to get to where you are now, but you did it. You made it through the chaos, just don’t go back. Be alone now if you have to, but keep going to where you are going because it is great, you just have to catch up to where you are now despite the fact that things may not be where you want them to be now.

Certain energies have to line up in order for you to have the peace that you want and they are saying, they are lining up now, you just have to see it now. And that may make you think different and you may not want to be different, but everyone sort of is going through their own version of the same thing so you are different in your energies and responses to energy, but you are pretty much all on the same train now.



Look at how healthy you are in the future. You are feeling fine and good from how much stress you went through before. You came through exceptionally and no matter how you feel now, there will always be a better time in the future. There is always hope for a new beginning and always hope for more to come. You never stop being you and you never stop growing. Just think how much a newborn baby pup grows in one week. Look at how far a chicken comes from egg to hatchling overnight. Things can change in the blink of an eye and if you just take care of yourself and get the amount of water you need every night and day and get the amount of rest and relaxation you really need to bring about your great ideas and great lifestyles you all want, you will have nothing to worry about.

Just yesterday you were a newborn pup and in the matter of 20 years, you are an adult and look how much further you are than then. You are so much more evolved and growing than you think in even a week or two. So much happens it is startling to you where you were just a few short hours ago. 24 hours in a day and a masterpiece can be born or started in your mind. You can have a great idea and see it to completion in a matter of minutes. Just because it has not manifested in front of your eyes does not mean you don’t have the necessary means to bring it about. You are more than capable to follow all of your dreams and have them come true, you just have to have faith and trust in your own higher being to bring you to completion.

And you are already complete, you have always been already complete, you just have not seen the evidence of the completion. Just as you see a project through to the end, see yourself as full and full of light and light full in all of your ideas. Just as a lightbulb pops up on a cartoon character’s head, you are full of ideas just like this. You are a representation of God and that is the truest form you will ever be.

That ends the reading for now and it may not seem that much was given in this reading, but it speaks well of the energies that we are all dealing with, have had to deal with and will continue to deal with. There will always be a rebirthing of sorts. There will always be new ideas and there will always be continuity of growth and forward moving-ness.

Thank you and I pray that this has helped you some. If you are interested in the cards in this deck, they are available on thegamecrafter.com. I will be adding in my new resources section, the meanings of all these cards and my other card decks soon.

Thank you.

Tim Edwin B.