Quick Surprise Reading for 2/20/15

“The Relatables Oracle”Saturdy-Sunday 2/21- 2/22 2015


Cards are –
-feeling -angry
-Boss – friends
-Boss- family
-Feelings- peace

I was going to just leave the reading I did yesterday and forget about this one, but the urge struck me to pull some cards and my guides pushed me along to go ahead and do this reading. I am using my very own creation of my “The Relatables Oracle” available now on the game crafter website. It comes with a printout of the meanings of the cards.

They are saying the “angry” card comes up because it is in the past. You may have been angry at the world, pretty much, in the past. They are saying it was the energies of then that made you, or us, feel angry at the world. The music scene in the past was more depressing or more endangering to people’s good moods. For me, the 90’s music that I so enjoyed was full of depressing and distressing thoughts and ideas.

I have since moved on to more loving and relaxing music. They are saying the same has happened to you with your friends and family recently and most expressively to you and yourself due to the major events that happen around the world. Starting with 9/11 on, the world has been rather distressed and this causes a lot of emotions to surface that you wouldn’t normally mean. Because of the climate not only in terms of weather for some of us, but also because of the socio-political atmosphere that dominates the airwaves and the people around them and in your life, everything tends to be a little more upsetting for all of us.

They are saying that if you can get over this in your own life, it will help bring not only peace for you and your life, but for the people you interact with, perhaps on a daily train ride or on public transportation, or even while you are driving. One bit of peace in a strangers’ day from seeing someone else in a good mood, or just because someone is being helpful in just a general way, people will go along in a chain of sorts of good mood. They say one tapped in, turned on, peaceful person on a roller coaster ride of public interaction will make the world of difference to a great many people.

If we can get at least 100 of you who read this blog to go about your day in a peaceful, loving manner in everything you do, we can change the world in our small way.

What I get is that making peace with your neighbors or family members and getting along with strangers or just anyone who has made you angry in the past does much more for deterring terrorists or anyone who is angry at the world. Like your anger solved, solves a whole ton of other people’s anger out there in a world. It will accumulate and culminate into a good mood for everyone around you and then onto everyone around all the others who you touched with a good mood. The world needs more etertainers and if you are entertaining in a positive way, well then, it just affects way more people than you could imagine.

They say you will be surprised how something fun or funny or hilarious will change even the toughest of criminals from murderous rampage to peaceful, forgiving energy. They say that some of you may deal with terrorism directly or feel that terrorists will get you but that you can affect at least the fellow travelers with you on your train ride or daily work route, which can make the world of difference in your life, and make your day and many others’ days go way better.

They say that this was a surprise reading for you out there because they really see an opportunity today that was not there yesterday. They say the world is softening just a crack today and it is because of something funny that happens to you or the people around you and if you exact a joyful, playful mood, you can, in your small way, change the world for the better. And with humor, they say, it’s paramount for you to be humorous and playful today in order to affect your weekend and then, in turn, your work week. You are just not having enough fun with your day and your daily work is meant to be joyful for you, and a great many people out there. If you can inject fun in your day, then you are well onto following your true destination. -peace and joy.

This goes along with the past readings from this week because we are being guided to be more forgiving in our lives and with the general population in order to make our, (your) world just a bit better. They say you may be surprised how one small act of joy can create a “snowball effect” of large proportions today.

They say this is really important for today and the weekend as they had mentioned yesterday that having fun on your weekend and enjoying your time while away from work, if you are away from work these coming two days, will add to the VALUE of your work life. They really want to get this across that one small act can lead to a little bit more good and a little bit more good until you are REALLY having fun.

That is all for today. I hope to get some artwork up here tomorrow or so. I have one or two blog posts about my day to day routine of art-making, so stay tuned for that.

Thank you,

Tim Edwin B.



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