Reasons Why I Read Cards and Why I Wasn’t Able to This Past Week.

l didn’t get any readings posted this week. I sort of feel bad about this, but I sort of think I need to be in the right frame of mind to be able to do them. I feel that since I am empathic, I take on a lot of energy that I tend not to be able to cope with. There is a lot of fear in the past in terms of giving readings for me.

The people I tend to be around don’t really have any interest in any of this “psychic stuff”. You know, the mumbo jumbo of tuning in and tapping in and following intuition and being healthy energetically. I look at reading as a way to tap into divine intelligence and often, I am surprised at what I find and figure out. It may seem weird to others that these cards are able to give any sort of workable help, but they do.

I could go into about twenty different reasons why I like divination and card reading and why it all works and all of that good stuff, but I won’t. I guess I feel like most of you here probably own a couple oracles yourselves already. Maybe I am just being presumptuous.

Suffice it to say- I like divination. It works for me. It makes me feel better and I love what I am able to understand that I would not be able to any other way. I think of the cards as a similar thing to devotional tools from various other religious or faithful practices. Catholics have rosary beads that they count and pray for understanding. Buddhists have prayer beads and malas. I’ve heard of temples where people have to walk in a round circle and touch spinning objects, and then there are the labyrinth paths that some people walk in order to tune into spirit and achieve a state of bliss and understanding. I’m sure there are countless other “tuning in” tools out there.

The cards do the same for me, only they seem more in tune with the intelligence. I understand things intellectually and spiritually with the cards, or runes, or whatever else I may use. I feel a relationship with heaven and with my higher self and I love that. That is why I use oracles and tarot and divination in general.

If you don’t like them, perhaps they are just not your thing. Perhaps you find faith another way. Perhaps you can feel presences of insights or ideas from something physical such as exercise or walking walks, or any other of the things out there that help people feel connections.

Anyhow, I am sorry if some of you tune in here for advice. I guess I just want to work things out for myself for a while. I do hope to be able to get a consistent practice of readings on this site, if only once a month or hopefully, once a week. I do feel so much better after writing the readings if I can only relax and have enough confidence to just do it and stick to it. I love giving readings, but I have a lot of energies to contend with, especially from the past.

Thanks for understanding,

Tim Edwin B.