Food, Feathers, and Chocolate- LOTS of Chocolate.


I have three bearded dragons. Two of them, (not shown) mated and made eggs. The eggs didn’t make it because the tank conditions were not suitable for egg laying. I have never owned bearded dragons before and so I didn’t know what they needed in order to have their eggs.

Suffice it to say, there are dried up eggs that I need to do something with.


Above are the eggs from the lizards. I have been eating chicken eggs lately, which are a totally different thing altogether. I heard that they invented a way to make clear and transparent eggs so that they can see inside them. Apparently my egg tending skills are not that great. I do know that there was something floating around that said they have a way to unboil eggs. Literally take a boiled egg and convert it back into liquid runny eggs that I suppose one would then be able to boil or fry up again. I would love to see someone somewhere in some laboratory take these eggs and turn them into lizards, but that seems a far way off still.

Food has been tough to come by around here. I have been relying on two of my fifteen parents, or rather my father and my stepmother from a previous marriage. I love them to pieces, but the amount of parents I have should be calculated from some divine super-being’s computer, because it doesn’t make sense to me.


I have been hitting the hot cocoa a lot lately. That chocolate-y goodness that comes in all varieties. I go ahead and add one brand of hot cocoa to the cup, add a bit of chocolate syrup, maybe some cocoa from a different company, boiled hot water and then douse in some creamer. It is extra scrumptious. I got the idea from the convenience store that is right there next to me, so close I can almost breath on it when I open the front door. They have a triple chocolate smoothie and a triple chocolate hot cocoa. I tried it. I’m not gonna lie- it was delicious. SO, in lieu of going to the corner and getting some every day, I have opted with the homemade route.


Further along on the food front is this. Salsa! I have been gifted with the salsa of the month club. I am on the second month and it is going well. Above are the two, count ’em two, salsas of the month. The first month was much better. I enjoyed both of the two from last month and no, they didn’t last that long. The salsas shown here, I was only a fan of the one on the left; but rest assured faithful followers, the one I didn’t like went to a good cause- the person I live with.


In my room, is a comforter. This comforter has many feathers in it. Don’t ask me where they get the feathers. I would probably hide away in shame if I had any idea where they came from. Alas, said comforter disperses feathers all over the place. I did some cleaning in the room earlier in the week and under the bed was a sheet of feathers. A big ‘ol pile of feather feather feather. In the past, this pile would be pet hairs, but nowadays the shedding is less and less due to the decrease in pet population in my house.

All sadness aside, I like to take pictures of the feathers. Every once in a while, A really nice looking one like the one above will pop up in an unexpected way and will bring light to my brain and mind. A nice relief to see that, ‘hey, maybe someone up there is looking out for me.”

Thanks for watching, reading, following. I hope to have some more blog posts up this coming week. Hopefully with some readings and some art.

Tim Edwin B.