Reading for the Week and Month of 3-2-2015


The reading for this week is from the Chrysalis Tarot by author Toney Brooks and artist Holly Sierra.

Reading for 3-2-15 Reading for 3-2-15 Reading for 3-2-15

First off, I see you walking away from a difficult lesson. Kind of like you decided that things were not working out for your best interest and you went away, humming your own tune. The lessons from the past caught up with you, but you went your own way anyhow and you are all the much richer for it.

For me, my lack of income has forced me to look at the basics and the barebones necessities. I have lost a lot of friends in the past and a lot of people are not around. The king of pentacles here, with the designation “companion” tells of loss of friendship because it is in reverse. Reversed cards tend to mean the opposite, or just a lesser, maybe watered down meaning. So the fact that it is in reverse means that friendship is not there. Friendship is missing. Friendship that was there for a long time, but is missing. And this may be the reason you may have walked away from the tough spot. You may realize, “hey, these people didn’t have my best interest anyhow” and so, going your own way in the midst of turmoil has actually helped not only you, but the people you were connected with too.

It also feels like you are overlooking someone. So maybe there is someone in your life that looks like the bad guy, or bad person, but is not really. It feels like this person is carrying their load, doing what they think is right and you still doubt them or regret them. You feel guilty about this, but they may have caused you harm in the past. Don’t discredit anyone because you never know what kinds of shifts can happen within them.

Sometimes the best thing for a friendship is to have distance from it and to tune into just what you want, or just what you need. So, alone time is/was needed. You need to find some way to be happy with yourself in order to be able to help anyone else. Taking a break away from friends, or company, even if they DO have your best interest is sometimes good for everyone.

The third card is “devil” and I get the sense that you are tempted by what looks like friendship, or what looks like something good, but you’re not looking within to see if this new thing is really what you want. Maybe this past hardship you walked away from is making you miss an opportunity, or overlook some good luck. They are saying that you may overlook a few things, but if some big thing comes up this week, it is for your higher good. These people around you may seem to be against you, but don’t overlook an opportunity if it is too good to be real, or too small to be believed. It feels like you may try to dismiss something that could pay off really well if taken the opportunity.

Justice is reversed here and this is telling me that you are no longer trying to prove you are right, or prove someone wrong, or prove what you know is real for you should be real for others. This is in the past, and if it is coming up now, it is because it has to be dealt with. But they are saying- you are well qualified for any hardships, for in fact, there will be few hardships this month and this time of the month especially, for a few of you. If you are like me, you may get your paycheck in the beginning of the month, which has to last the entire month. So the beginning of the month is great for me, maybe it is for you too.

If someone is not your friend, hum a little song and move on, for you know this person is not right for you if they don’t sing the same song. If anyone tries to get in your ear and tell you their way is right, just shrug your shoulders, knowing that different people have different ideas of what is right and wrong. What is on your path is on your path and that is all that matters.

If someone looks like a friend and is not, you’ll know it. Be wary of the person who judges everyone and everything else, for that is not the type of person to get involved with. You may be dealing with some vicious activity of others, from the past (just watch the news and you might have an idea) but at the moment, you have dealt with them, you know what they are up to, you may not trust them, but if you just zone in on your own little world, even the toughest person for you will turn a blind eye for they are dealing with their own inner demons, if they are causing trouble with you. Best not to get involved with any arguments. A little tact can go a long way in the right timing.

Let someone surprise you this month. Let someone see you for what you are and love you anyway. Let someone’s past mistakes slide and go past you, but be sure to take care of yourself as well. It feels like you are working on forgiving someone now. Almost like you may not get the chance in the future, or like the time is right to let things slide that you normally wouldn’t. Someone can seem like the devil or seem like they are bad, but really, they are dealing with things in their own mind that make them act in certain ways. It is not really their fault, it is just how they are expressing themselves. And it seems like this person may try to make up for a problem they gave you- if only vibrationally. See if you can tune in this week and see if your inner self is willing to forgive. It feels like you may be forgiven too so try to be open to this this month/week.

It’s like someone wants to come back into your life that you pushed away, but you are being offered a new hope this week from a possible new person. They are saying- don’t look this person in the gift horse mouth, if that makes any sense to you. What someone new is to you, is different to many people. Maybe you find a new love in someone who is near and dear to you, but distant, as in far away from you. Maybe someone comes up with a brilliant job offer or idea. Maybe you feel a certain way about someone and this is blocking your success. They are saying don’t count the underdog out, even if it is you, for our whole world is being given a gift this month and it is in the form of the hidden object, or person. Someone who wants to make themselves known and help you out. This is happening worldwide and you may be excited and shocked to know who it is from.

It feels like someone who has been with you for a while sees where you are going and doesn’t know what to do to get you there. They want to help, but do not know if what they can offer is good enough. It is like your success pushes others to go to places they would not normally go to or would prefer not to look. However if you look and see, you will see that where you are going and what you are bringing to others is a bright path into the sun. They may come along with you kicking and screaming, but you have the right of way. You have the idea of what you want to do and become and work on and you know that what is right for you is right for a lot of people, even if they don’t want to admit it.

I feel like you were judged in the past and seen as wrong, and maybe rightly so, but these other people in your life don’t see all that you have done for YOU and all that you have figured out and seen from your point of view. They just don’t know all that you know and have come through. It is like you were put here for a reason, you figured out what your reason is and you want to go to a better place. Just realize the people in your life are there to rise up with you, not to be knocked down and dragged along. You want to uplift with your decisions and make it better for everyone.

More people may notice you this month and may take note of where you are going, so if the new offer that I have talked about doesn’t come this week, it may be in the works and may pop up later in the month. Don’t rely too much on waiting though because it feels like if you don’t act now, the boat may leave, so to speak. If the offer of support that you want doesn’t show up in three weeks, then you know you missed the boat. It feels like it has ALREADY been three weeks for a lot of you, so if this is you, don’t miss the boat. The universe is always looking for ways to give you your dreams. You are assured that your dreams are coming true, but don’t miss the boat this time. This opportunity, whatever it is is for your higher good, you just need to look past any deceit from others from the past. You are also being asked to look past your own inner demons and you will see your golden gift of the moment.

If someone offers you a job, take it.

That ends this reading for the week. I pray it has helped you in some way. I am still getting my legs with this whole reading deal, so if you have any feedback, I would be interested to hear from you in the comments.

Tim Edwin B.


Readings are for your own personal development so if something rings true for you here, follow your own inner, higher self, not mine. I cannot offer therapy or expert advice. All I can do is interpret my own insights and feelings from the cards. This is for entertainment purposes only so if you want expert opinions, go to an expert, even if that expert is someone who is a friend or family member. Someone you know will know your situation better than me. But even then, be sure to follow your own intuition. The idea is to tap into yourself and see what you know is true for you.