What Wind Brings in on Days of Snow- Poetry for the Slow

While walking

Wickedly through the woods

Someone has got to know

That where you are

And where you go

Are something you already know

Take surprise

And walk awhile

And ready you are to go

There seems a way

To walk today

But paths are covered in snow

When slow you are

Upon your path

The wind saying ‘time to go’

You look back and aft before

The brain is covered and slow

The wind now says

“It’s Time to slow”

And back you are

Where started from

Singing “something had to go”

To clear away

The day today

You look at where to go
And suddenly, surprise you see

With something you already know

This place -it is already there

Where you want to go

So settle in and start, begin

The time is singing in

To be somewhere you already know-

Where you happen to go.

Tim Edwin B.