Angel Messages of Light Available for Free- March 9th -13th

Digital E-book Download (Free until March 13, 2015)

Starting today and going on until Friday of this week, my first graphic novel/comic book will be available for free download on Amazon. (Click the photo for a link.) This book took me quite a while to come to a conclusion and was a real effort of love on my part. Despite all my doubts and fears, I kept plunging ahead with this book. I must’ve wanted to walk away about a hundred times, but something told me to keep going.

This book is short, only 28 pages, but it is jam packed with angelic goodness. I have been told it is really “deep” and interesting. I plan on writing another installment of this great graphic novel, so get it while it is still fresh and new, and Free. Don’t forget FREE. For less than a week. Five days only.

I learned a lot while making this book and I plan on putting my efforts to good use. I have already started  on my second graphic novel. A similar theme, but different all the same. The new book will be about meditation. It will be a journey of sorts into the angelic realms. But for now, this first book needs to be seen and read and appreciated and enjoyed. Be sure to stop on over to Amazon and get this book while it is hot. Only FIVE days of Free downloads.

If you would prefer the physical copy, it is available for $9.99 at the time of this writing. Search for Tim Edwin B. on Amazon and you will see Angel Messages of Light pop up on your screen. Grab it while it’s hot and fresh.

Physical Softcover Book