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This is the last day that “Angel Messages of Light” will be available for free download on “Angel Mesages Of Light” is my first graphic novel/comic book. I worked many hours learning and trying and figuring things out in order to create this book. I feel I did a great job despite the uphill battle that was involved with this book. At onlhy 28 pages, this book is great to read in one sitting in your downtime. It is fun, enlightening and hopefully entertaining.

Angel Messages of Light will guide the newcomer through angel communication in the basic, simple ways of just asking. The book is told from the point of view of the angels as if they were talking and communicating with the people on planet earth. It is inspirational and enjoyable. This book may be good for the crystal or indigo children that are inhabiting the earth at this time. Perhaps you know a child that would benefit from angel communication. Maybe there is a child in your life who “sees things” or who “talks to” unseen things. Maybe you just want to go on an adventure of sorts with the angels.

This book will be good for all of those reasons.

Angel Messages of Light was given to me through meditations, journeys on the etheric realms and many hours of trial and error. Although it was tough to make, it was meant to be made and carries with it the energies of heaven, or as close to heaven as I was able to get. The art is similar to many of the comic books that are out there, though maybe more simple in line or character. It is fun and light and full of goodness.

Please enjoy this book for free until the end of this day. Friday the 13th of March will be a lucky day for you and yours with this book. You will feel protected and loved from heaven and the angels as you read this great short comic book.

Click the image to be taken to the sales page. There are physical printed books available as well as the e-book that will not be on sale after today.

Physical printed book $9.99

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