This past week or so- Tim Edwin’s Life


I’ve been clearing out my stuff here and found something I haven’t seen in a while. It is coming up on spring here and with it comes spring cleaning and clear out. This was between two books, perfectly preserved and I slid it into a display frame that was also lying around. It is my mediumship certificate from Doreen Virtue’s mediumship course. Yes, I am a verifiable medium and one who has not done very many readings. I suppose I still have the skill-set, but the energy or urge to give mediumship readings is not really there for me. This was from 2011.

I turned to art making in the meantime, but the idea of this sitting around, unnoticed for a long while made me want to dust it off and be proud of the work I put in.


This month, one of the few things I was able to buy were some col-erase pencils. They are erasable colored pencils and are used most commonly by comic book artists and animators for their ease of use when it comes time to scan in items for print. These pencils usually do not show up on the computer when scanned in with a certain setting.

I was previously using blue lead that was in my mechanical pencil. The lead worked, but it broke easily and was not really that erasable. Though the blue pencil is just a preliminary that does not show up on screen, the un-erasable mechanical lead did not really work out in terms of the sketching phase. I will still probably use it again at some point, but for now, I am enjoying these col-erase pencils in traditional form.


One of my cats likes to climb and jump on top of everything. Here she is shown on top of my old cd stereo that I may end up selling at some point. She is friendly only to me as whoever comes near me meets her claws and vicious growl.. (She’s just a pussycat)


I have been selling things on ebay in order to be able to eat and survive. Here are some boxes that are ready for shipment just about. These are my old wacom tablets that have not been used for a long while and which I upgraded from. They have already sold and are on their way to the buyers soon.

It is good to clear out and get rid of things that are no longer useful and just taking up space. If someone else is able to benefit from old tech it is always a good day. Hopefully the artists that get them can have some fun with them.


I tend to have to clean up litter from the front of my house more often than I would like. There is a convenience store near me and whenever people leave the store, they leave their trash droppings. I was picking up a bunch of stuff and just as I was about to end and come in the house, something said to keep looking and there among the grassy lawn was a feather in perfect condition. I picked it up thinking, someone out there is seeing my difficulties with the outside world. I came in and rested.


Above, you see the cover for my next comic book. I have been working away at it, on and off, for a few months now and I am hopeful for it. I feel it will really entertain people who are into meditation, or who may be thinking about meditating. This book will really make you feel transported to another world and loved from above.


And them there is this- one of my abstract marker drawings and one that is undone unfinished and waiting to be worked on. I go back and forth between projects and I get distracted from time to time and was unable to finish this one. There is a lot to do and get done sometimes, but this past week, I have been taking it slowly and trying to rest up for a while. Daylight savings time is often a stresser to my system and schedule.

Well, that is my life.

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you to those who were able to get a free copy of my finished graphic novel/comic book this past week.

Full Disclosure- nobody asked me to write about anything here and nobody gave me any free gifts, though I would have appreciated it.